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Tuesday Morning Brews: Taking The Stairs

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Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

Hitting the Links Is A Wolverine

Two More Sites Rank Michigan In The Top 5

Hey, I'm optimistic about the Wolverines' chances. I always am, even when they ended up 5-7. But it is a little weird that so many people around the country are similarly on board with the high expectations.

Ohio State Listed As Favorite Against Michigan, Underdog To OU

The Vegas lines of the twelfth game of the season are pretty worthless. There will be a million changes in each team's fortune between now and November. The OU line is more relevant, though. (While we're on the subject:: MSU is an underdog to Michigan and Notre Dame.)

More Satellite Camps, You Say?

Yep. Now 34 in 19 states. I will, at some point, get worried about Harbaugh. Crazy, workaholic, all fine, but if he ever needs a helping hand or a break or something.... if I was a player I would definitely be running through walls for this guy.

Brady Hoke's Challenge At Oregon

This was a great read by Ian Boyd.

Previewing The Big Ten Spring Meetings

Very dry, certainly, but also informative and ahead of the curve.

Two Departures From Ohio State

Schmidt, apparently, was worried about future playing time. Less is known about Felder, who was the second-lowest-ranked recruit in OSU's 2016 class, but one that I was very impressed with.

Meet 'Franchise'

You want a hype video? You want something to get you pumped up? Then check out this Vimeo, and read more on his commitment here. I doubt you'll be disappointed.

This definitely bolsters MSU's D-line, which was one of the few relative weaknesses on what should end up being a dominant defense.

They certainly have the fewest question marks, and have shown an ability to get by without elite wide receivers. With the way they develop their linemen and linebackers, it's really hard to bet against them.

Purdue Previews: Offense | Defense

Very readable and entertaining previews. Well done.

Tracy Claeys Sees 8-10 Wins This Year For Minnesota

Not exactly a standard coaching answer here from Coach Claeys.

SB Nation's Notre Dame Preview

I'll throw this in. Definitely agreed about last year's team being the most talented team Notre Dame has had in a while.

Also, here are some cool rings:

Don't tell them they lost the Rose Bowl and I won't, either.

Alright, we're about to go heavy on cheesecake...

...with strawberries...

...and lemon. (Yeah, that's a thing.)

Oh, why stop now. Whipped cream!

And chocolate drizzle on top!

Caramel drizzle, too! Way to go on the 250th, Rutgers.

A quick little graduation-related anecdote for you, as well. A bit of a trend lately has been to use the 'M' in the middle of the Diag (here are a couple pictures for those who aren't familiar, and this was some vandalism in 2014) as a letter in a big message - 'Donald Trump 2016' was one, and 'Will You Marry Me?' was another. Right around graduation weekend, someone thought to write 'Home,' and it was perfect. Anyway, congratulations to all the grads.