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Michigan 6, Miami (OH) 0: Rolling Ahead

Another easy outing for the Wolverines.


Sierra Romero stepped up to the plate. Amber Logemann stared her down for a moment and, with the quick delivery she displayed all day long, threw a perfect strike on the inside corner, down and in. With no time to waste, she threw another perfect strike on the outside corner, down and out. 0-2.

Romero walked out of the batter's box, halfway back to the dugout. She paused as if the world was her oyster, and that oyster needed to start complying. Almost as an afterthought, she asked for time from the umpire right as she stepped back into the batter's box.

A ball and a tipped foul ball later, Romero got it: a line drive to left field that brought home Abby Ramirez and brought Michigan their third run of the night. It was just a single hit, but there was something more significant to it as well. Michigan has seen plenty of base runners during the Regionals, and not nearly as many timely hits with runners in scoring position. But just as she always does, Romero delivered exactly what Michigan needed. She opened up the scoring in what would be a four-run sixth inning against Miami of Ohio.

In a valiant effort, Miami pitcher Amber Logemann tried her best to keep Michigan's hitters at bay, and she largely succeeded in the early going, not allowing a hit until the fourth. It was still a 2-0 game going into the bottom of the sixth inning, but that was when the fireworks started. Nine Wolverines came to the plate in that inning, and by the end of the frame Logemann was on the bench and Michigan's lead was insurmountable.

With their second straight win in the Regionals, the Wolverines will face off against the winner of Notre Dame-Miami (OH), which will be decided tonight at Alumni Field at 5:00 PM. The Wolverines kick off tomorrow afternoon at a little after 2:30 PM, where they might face a stiff test from a Fighting Irish squad that has gone 41-12 on the year. Two-thirds of the Fighting Irish lineup is batting at least .325 this season, and their pitching duo of Rachel Nasland and Allie Rhodes have combined for a 33-10 record and a 3.06 ERA.