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Thursday Morning Brews: Looking Svelte

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A wrap on the 'most indispensable' debate, Brian Cole's destination and the strange hype for Mitch Leidner.

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Hitting the Links Is Boring Today

B/R Recruiting Notebook: Holmes Update, More

I'll throw a little recruiting in here today. Five-star corner Darnay Holmes has two official visits in mind (Ohio State, Michigan), and there are also a few words on Jaylen Kelly-Powell and Deejay Dallas.

30 For 30: We Are

A good piece from ESPN.

A Case For Jourdan Lewis As Michigan's Most Indispensable Player

I'll take a step back here and point out that not many teams around the country have three to five realistic candidates for this title who are all going to be All-Conference players, which is the most important and exciting lesson as this team gets ready for 2016.

Big Ten Will Tweak Replay Procedures

This is some extremely small potatoes. But after the appalling officiating from last year, at least there's some acknowledgement that progress is needed.

Brian Cole Will Enroll At Eastern Mississippi C.C.

Best of luck to the young man. Just when I got my hopes up for him at safety...

Pac-12 Proposes Ban of Satellite Spring Breaks

I think it's fair to call this one a formality; 2015 was probably the only year that Harbaugh could give his kids a trip to Florida.

In the long run, though, Harbaugh is going to be winning a bigger battle. To fight back at Michigan, other conferences are taking up the mantle as advocates for players' rights and reducing the "time demands" of student-athletes. Not only is this a good issue to address, regardless of who or why or how or when, but - as Donovan Peoples-Jones spending time at U-M Hospitals can attest - Michigan has more to offer outside the boundaries of Michigan Stadium than most other schools can rival.

Paramus Catholic Satellite Camp Fills Up With 600 Kids

Can the rivalry be over now?

Mel Kiper Is Team Mitch Leidner

I probably should have included this on Tuesday, but I already forgot to take Leidner seriously. Those freshmen running backs, however....

Is Nebraska's Sell-Out Streak In Danger?

I keep forgetting that Nebraska plays Oregon this year. That game will be lit, as the young people say.

Lawrence Thomas takes a bow in the fourth quarter of last year's game with the Ducks. Raj Mehta, USA Today

The Search For An All-Purpose Defender

I've said it before: Jordan Fuller is going to be a terrific player. Fuller is constantly in the background of this piece about OSU's recruiting and the search for a Jabrill-like "all-purpose" defender.

Debating The End of Michigan-Ohio Border Classic

A high school all-star game is no more; some finger-pointing ensues.

Mailbag: On Baylor, Ohio State's 8.5-Win Projection

Stewart Mandel discusses a lot of things as usual, including one particularly interesting Vegas betting line.

John Urschel: Back To School

I found myself absorbed by this first-person account of Urschel, courtesy of the Players' Tribune.

Updates On Rutgers' Facilities Upgrades

In other news, two reserve players have transferred from the program.