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Thursday Morning Brews: Giving Shoutouts

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Hitting the Links Is All Work, No Play

Auburn Coach Not Worried About Satellite Camps

Honestly, this is fine. (Missouri head coach Barry Odom had similar things to say the other day.) It will still make it more enjoyable whenever Michigan takes a blue-chip recruit out of the deep south, though. Also, a shout-out to Kingston Davis, who easily could have been a four-star.

Jabrill Is The 2017 Draft's Most Intriguing Prospect

He'll probably be hosting the thing, then clean up the place after. He has every job.

Voice of Michigan Stadium Dies At 83

Rest in peace, Howard. Thanks for the decades of love and work you put in.

Satellite Camps Might Not Be Madness After All

What a shocker. There are already natural constraints on how much teams will use satellite camps; Georgia coach Kirby Smart very kindly elaborates on some of them here.

Top 25 Big Ten Prospects For 2017

While we're sharing Athlon links, here are the top ten assistant coach hires if you want a refresher. Spoiler: Don Brown makes the list.

Ranking The Top 25 Coaches

I disagree with a lot of this list (no way Harbaugh is lower than #2), but it's still a fun topic.

Putting OSU's Draft In Context | Stephen Collier Tears ACL

538 (I may be breaking some unspoken rule by not spelling it out, but if so, high five, ESPN) has a good article on Ohio State's performance in the 2016 draft. In other news, Ohio State's luck regarding its third-string quarterback may have come to an end.

Nebraska Announces Six Satellite Camps | Let's Hype Avery Roberts For A Minute

SMSB has grown leaps and bounds since its inception in 2004, and this year they will have six camps around the country. Great, great stuff that started in southeast Michigan.

Dan Marino Weighs In On Penn State-Pitt Games

Some background: Penn State has not wanted to embrace this in-state battle as a "rivalry." Marino is an old Panther.

Nevada will be getting $1.2 million to play Northwestern the year after next.

Also, I thought this was interesting: the Seahawks picked up Wisconsin vagabond Tanner McEvoy as an undrafted free agent. This is probably a good choice. (I enjoyed that highlight video a lot, but be warned that there's adult language.)

B1G Mailbag: Wisconsin vs. LSU, Making Sense Of The West

I really, really hope the Big Ten shows up to its non-conference games - UW-LSU at Lambeau Field, Michigan State-Notre Dame, Ohio State-Oklahoma, Nebraska-Oregon and Penn State-Pitt are the biggest. Iowa-North Dakota State could be sneakily good, too, if NDSU can find a way to replace Carson Wentz.

Indiana RB Devine Redding could declare early after 2016 and try to make it three in a row for IU. He had 1,012 yards last year on 4.5 yards a carry, to go along with 9 touchdowns.

All right, not bad, little brother.