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Thursday Morning Brews: Ranking The Coaches

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Hitting the Links Welcomes Neo

Top 5 All-Time Coaches: Michigan Wolverines

I would definitely switch #3 and #4. Also, I'll be very curious to get your thoughts.

Harbaugh, As Newman

A column by Joe Rexrode.

Rashan Gary Arrives In Ann Arbor

Luckily, we have footage of Rashan Gary right after he arrived in Ann Arbor.

Can U-M Out-Recruit The SEC For Nico Collins?

Nico is the southern blue-chip I'm most confident we'll land.

Don Brown Talks Practices, Linebacking Corps | All Settled In

Quite a while ago, I vaguely remember writing a piece where I talked about the 2015 class and how I felt, for various reasons, most of them would redshirt. And, turns out, most of them did. There were a lot of veterans on hand for a team that desperately needed some five o'clock shadow. I've been nursing a feeling, though, that the 2016 class will be the opposite, and will make more of an impact than a reasonable person would predict. (And yeah, I should get around to writing that up.)

With that said, as far as the freshman linebackers go I think it's Devin Bush making a big impact, and then a parade of redshirts.

Summer Enrollees To Watch For

Chris Evans, David Long and Rashan, on the other hand....

Mike Weber: Michigan-Ohio State Rivalry Is Nothing Personal

I don't expect it to be personal, but it will become that whether you like it or not on Sunday, November 20th.

Observations From A Houston Satellite Camp

This was too good not to include, but probably not all of you are familiar with Reddit. Aesthetically, this page will look different, but it's still the same format of content + comments. It's just that the comments are a lot more intrinsic to the experience and you can sort through them in a lot of ways.

Harbaugh's Mississippi Trip Impresses Willie Gay

I'll throw this in today instead of tomorrow. Allen Trieu updates us on Gay's recruitment, and also talks Luiji Vilain and the invasion of Texas.

Iowa: Best O-Line In The Country?

Also, this link straight to ESPN's article is worth including; various ESPN personalities go through the top skill groups, O-lines, front sevens, DBs, and special teams. Michigan comes in #1 at DB but is otherwise absent.

Over/Under: Big Ten West

No team gets more than 8.5 wins in these projections; it's almost certain that someone will, but good luck guessing who.

Over/Under: Big Ten East

The good division! Michigan leads the pack, with three teams tied for fourth.

Common Sense Reforms To Clean Up College Football

I have been saying for some time that coaches should not have the level of disciplinary control they wield today, and in fact the structure of managing college football needs to change a little bit to accomodate its unique nuances. I would like to see an organization designed to help and aid each group of people that contributes to the game, from players and college coaches to high school coaches and camp counselors to professors and fellow students and alumni.

Ultimately, hopefully, there can be an entity designed to prevent problems - not just problem-solving, and certainly not waiting years for an investigation of problems and then docking scholarships to future athletes as if that solves anything. This is the first time I've seen at least some of these reforms proposed by a national outlet, which is great.

Top 5 All-Time Coaches: Northwestern | NebraskaMSU

Guess who's #1 for Northwestern - and no, it's not Ara Parseghian.

Who Will Lead The Big Ten In Passing? | Receiving?

Indiana is, indeed, a safe bet to put up big numbers. I like my predictions bold, though, so I'm going to go with Tommy Armstrong for passing (so much talent, it'll have to click, right?) and Jehu Chesson for receiving.

Why Urban Meyer Is College Football's Most Versatile Recruiter

Because he's a chameleon?

Todd Sibley Decommts From Ohio State

Methinks asking him to grayshirt was a mistake.

Predicting Ohio State's 2016 Depth Chart

We'll do a run of Buckeye links. A lot of 'or's in this one, but it's an accurate summary.

Zach Smith Does Zach Smith Things

No comment necessary.

Letter To My Younger Sister

Well, this won me over. Russell Wilson writes a letter for the Players' Tribune.

Oh, hey, by the way: if you're in the area, attend a ChadTough garage sale. It starts tonight, with free autographs tomorrow.