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Work Begins on Michigan's $168M Athletics South Competition and Performance Project

Will become the home of track and field, lacrosse, soccer and rowing.

Work has begun on a massive $168 million Michigan Wolverines athletics facility that will house both the men's and women's programs for track and field, lacrosse and soccer, plus women's rowing.

Check out all the details for the project, which is the latest phase of the Stephen M. Ross athletic campus, in this clip:

The highlight of the development, per the video, is the new performance center, which will house a new rowing team center and:

  • an indoor rowing tank
  • coaching offices
  • rowing team locker rooms
  • men's and women's lacrosse locker rooms
  • a player lounge
  • film rooms
  • coaching offices for lacrosse and soccer
  • strength and conditioning facilities
  • sports medicine facilities
  • hydrotherapy and treadmill pools
  • a nutrition center
  • multipurpose rooms for team meetings, meals and events
  • the kitchen sink (okay, just kidding)
The project also comes with a 2,000-seat lacrosse stadium (the first-ever lacrosse stadium at UM) a, 500-seat outdoor track stadium and a 2,000-seat indoor track stadium. So yea, it's kind of a big deal.

Construction is expected to be complete in early 2018.