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Thursday Morning Brews: Chess With Fists

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Hitting the Links Comes Back From Down 3-1

Harbaugh Receives Warm Welcome At Indianapolis Camp

This camp featured a quiet cameo by Matt Hasselback.

Michigan Unlikely To Attend Baylor Camp

This is also a good moment to slide Stewart Mandel's always readable Mailbag in; the first few questions are all about Baylor, but it also dips into Muschamp's Gamecocks and the Ohio State-Oklahoma game.

Court Dismisses Charge Against Alex Malzone

No comment.

Michigan's Must-Win Game: Michigan State?

This is a very interesting question to me; which game is more important this year, OSU or MSU? MSU came to mind right away but I think I'd have to say the Buckeyes.

Harbaugh vs. Saban Opinion Piece

I'm including this because it was well-written and measured; Aaron Torres explains how he feels this Twitter feud is something Jim Harbaugh should have avoided.

Ultimate Guide To The Elite 11 Competition

If summer camps are your thing (and really, Michigan is famous for taking it easy on those), here's an article on Dylan McCaffrey and the rest of the field at the Elite 11.

Previewing Michigan, Position By Position

The analysis here isn't other-worldly, but does a solid job.

Talking About New Jersey Recruiting

This is a Rutgers fan's take on Michigan's recruiting strategy - and recent errors, in their mind - in New Jersey.

Mike Weber ThrivingOhio State's Five Most Indispensable Players

I won't lie; Weber did look terrific in the spring game. He will add some more intrigue to the Game if he does start.

Wisconsin: Bold Predictions For 2016

Here is another roundtable from the folks at B5Q, as well: the position that needs to step up the most in 2016. Surprisingly, not one of those is the offensive line.

Also, Indiana's Vegas line has has been set at 4.5 wins. Seems low.

BSD Film Room: Chess With Fists

Another great film room piece from Black Shoe Diaries. This one also includes football history, which is one of my favorite kinds of history.

100 Teams, 100 Days: The 1922 Season

We'll continue the history theme with this edition of an awesome feature from Eleven Warriors. And yes, Michigan won this year.

An American Rugby League

I'll throw this in; it's another feature I enjoyed from the Players' Tribune.

And finally, we'll close with a softball piece. Sierra Romero won National Player of the Year this week, and while I could have written up a piece on it (plus, it's hard to sing enough praises about the job she's done here), it wouldn't have topped this very sturdy recap by the Free Press.