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Thursday Morning Brews: Training Season

Working on being like the NFL, and ranking the college head coaches.

Michigan v Minnesota Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Hitting the Links Will Expand Eventually, I Promise

Five Wolverines Make Athlon’s All-America Team

This is just preseason hype, of course, but the linebacker selections look a little weak. Cornerback is loaded. Looking at this from a Big Ten perspective, the conference shows out really well overall.

Freep Video: Harbaugh Discusses Growth, Practice Goals

One good sound-byte here was Harbaugh saying he wanted Michigan to be like a 33rd NFL team. But the whole thing was great.

And, Michigan seems to be on their way to accomplishing that. When Alabama was winning championships (under another former NFL coach), people were amazed at how Saban handled his program. “The Process” became a famous term that people used to explain and simplify his success. There hasn’t been a way to really explain Harbaugh’s approach, but the creativity, work ethic, and eye for detail are all NFL-quality. The talent and seriousness from the team are also getting to an elite level.

Aubrey Solomon’s Commitment Was A Surprise To Everyone

In case you’re not quite done reading about the big news of this past week.

7 Things To Know About The Big Ten’s Deal With ESPN

A very interesting breakdown of the ramifications and strategy for all the major players in this. Delany has set up the conference well for the next round of negotiations in five years or so, regardless of how the market changes.

Sporting News: Ranking The College Head Coaches

Harbaugh comes in 6th. Meanwhile, Athlon Sports also released a coaches ranking (without the slideshow!), and Harbaugh comes in third on that list. Overall, I’d probably go with Sporting News’ choices over Athlon; #9 for Dabo Swinney stands out in particular as an error.

New York Times Piece On Kosta Karageorge

Alright, serious talk here for a second. I happened to take a men’s health class in college, and the only thing that I remember from it (which is ironic, I know) is the single, most important point that was drilled into the mostly female class: men go to the doctor’s less often, discover problems much later and take worse care of themselves than women do. As a result, they live shorter lives.

So, take this as a PSA for the guys out there reading, and I know there are many. Take your health seriously, try to develop good habits like drinking green tea (along with other things that will help prevent prostate cancer), and read up on your health. It’s not, as Kosta seemed to assume, too womanly to take care of yourself.

Recapping The Facilities Arms Race

This was a great piece from On The Banks on the various construction projects happening around the Big Ten.

James Franklin Talks Satellite Camps

I’ll admit, this sounds a lot more skeezy when James Franklin is running it. Luckily, here’s a much more encouraging piece about Jalen Mayden, a Texas quarterback who’s using satellite camps to his full advantage.

Ian Boyd Piece On J.T. Barrett | J.T. To Braxton Miller

Late breaking news: Barrett will be fantastic this year.

Guessing The Big Ten’s Stats Leaders

This is a lazy inclusion; still, I enjoyed this B/R slideshow.