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Tuesday Morning Brews: A Perfect Match

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Patrick Barron

Hitting the Links Is Still Two Feet Tall

Harbaugh, Don Brown, & Jabrill Are A Perfect Match

This talks a lot about the Michigan playbook with a good, everyman tone that’s easy to absorb.

Brad Hawkins Not Currently Enrolled

Hawkins has flown under the radar since his commitment, but as the descriptor “four-star prospect” suggests, he is a fine young player. I am looking forward to watching him play, and hopefully he’s able to get enrolled and take classes.

Best Guess Recruiting Class: 6/26/16

Six. That’s the number of five-star players on this list from Garrett Fishaw.

PFF Ranks The Top 101 Players In College Football

Jourdan Lewis ahead of Dalvin Cook. Jabrill Peppers paced by Derwin James. Maurice Hurst sandwiched in between two Alabama linebackers, and Wormley just beating out Saquon Barkley. This list was a lot of fun to explore.

James Franklin Seeking Coaching Stability

Remember a year ago, when everyone was haggling over Michigan State and OSU at the top of the East, with Penn State usually projected as the third-best team in the division? It’s only getting harder now for Franklin, who has to deal with Meyer and Dantonio, Harbaugh, and two hungry, upstart programs that it had been pushing around for a Big Ten minute.

Also: Penn State just scheduled a home-and-home with Auburn for 2021 and ‘22. Auburn has a very similar situation regarding coaching stability.

Northwestern Quarterback Position Preview

Yes, it’s that time of year again. While we’re talking quarterbacks, let me throw in this update about NFL rookie and truly unbelievable football talent, Christian Hackenberg:

Right now, he looks like a typical rookie. His passes are fluttering, his footwork is robotic and he tends to miss high when he misses a receiver. In last Wednesday's practice, he sailed two consecutive 15-yard passes over the head of a tight end -- against air. That's right, there was no defense. He had a couple of nice moments later in a two-minute drill, but it wasn't a great practice.

"Right now I expect him to look sloppy because he’s seeing a whole boat load of defenses that are coming at him daily, and there’s going to be a growth period," said Bowles, adding that he expects Hackenberg to be more comfortable in training camp.

This is disappointing. You may not have heard this, but he has the prototype body and arm strength of an elite QB.

The Latest Adventures of My Favorite DBs Coach

Earlier in the off-season, I occasionally voiced skepticism over Rutgers’ assistant coaching experience. However, this influx of youth at least produced an entertaining interview with the world’s smoothest football coach, 20-something Aaron Henry.

Well, it turns out Aaron Henry took his cornerback group out to the movies, and the stars of that movie tweeted back at the team. That’s pretty smooth there, Henry.

On Ohio State’s 2017 Recruiting Class

No comment. Actually, here is my comment.

Get To Know Bryson Spinner

I enjoyed this article about one of the people behind the growth of Dwayne Haskins.

The 12 Most Viewed Games of 2015

Ohio State got viewed a lot last season. There’s a chance Michigan might crack the list a little more often next year, with Michigan State, Ohio State, and of course the Big Ten Championship Game they’ll be attending. Also, fans around the country seem to be hating us more for some reason, so that will bring in a lot of lovely folks.