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Tuesday Morning Brews: Summer Strolls

Bryan Fuller
Bryan Fuller

Hitting the Links Wears A #2 Jersey

Why Michigan Deserves To Be A Top-Five Team

Hey, thanks, Land-Grant Holy Land.

Michigan No Longer Favored For Cesar Ruiz

We'll throw in a little recruiting here; Cesar is a four-star player out of IMG Academy.

Harbaugh's Three Latest Jerseys

Also, MGoBlog takes their guesses as to what jerseys Harbaugh will wear next.

A Look At Michigan's Targets In The Latest Rivals100 Update

Recruiting rankings are a fluid entity for most of the time we follow them. Rivals is the first to kick off a round of summer updates, and MGoFish breaks it all down.

An ESPN Piece on Michigan In Australia

You know what kind of piece this will be when they use the word 'windswept.' But, it's a slow week.

Ohio State To Wear Throwback Uniforms

This is in celebration of the 100th anniversary of their first conference title. Also, while we're talking Ohio State, here's a piece on their most interesting position: wide receivers.

Profiling Maryland's Starting Fullback

This is part of a pretty cool series being done by Testudo Times.

Highlights & Analysis Of The Elite 11

Dylan McCaffrey is one of those attending, but this takes a more universal scope of the event.

Oh, by the way: Sydney Romero, Sierra's little sister, will be in the Women's College World Series. Oklahoma will face Auburn for the title. Also, you may enjoy this list of just-released point spreads for most Week 1 games.