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Rutgers Secret Society Sends Message to Michigan

The War on Rutgers took a strange turn on Wednesday.

NCAA Football: Rutgers at Michigan Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The War on Rutgers took a weird turn on Wednesday.

The "Order of Bulls Blood," a secret society tied to Rutgers, vandalized the field at Paramus Catholic HS, where the Wolverines are set to host a satellite camp, and left a message and secret code (read vertically) to coach Jim Harbaugh that read as follows:

Good God Mr. Harbaugh,

On behalf of Rutgers University,

For reasons that we feel are needed to be expressed, Go home.

Upon Return, Ponder your reasoning begin here. We all know why. Pipeline.

Cause you are poaching New Jersey's brightest stars.

Knights are meant to fight in battle, and you have declared war.

You are stealing our sons and daughters, a speech is one thing, but Football is another.

Our record in the Big Ten is nothing impressive, we are a growing program, but why are you picking on David?

Unless, you're scared that you have awaken "The Sleeping Giant."

Right now, as you read this letter, understand that we are united as a people and ready to battle.

Save yourself before Rutgers Football arises with help from their powerful ally, The Ohio State University.

Eventually, Michigan will die. You will being to fade into the folklore of what was College Football.

Losing will become a tradition for the Wolverines.

Fence the Garden.

With Love,

The 2016-2017 Class The Order of Bulls Blood Rutgers University

Michigan has poached the Garden State of some of its top talent in recent years, including five-stars Jabrill Peppers and Rashan Gary and show no signs of stopping anytime soon.

Who knows where this is going next, but things will be interesting this fall when the two teams meet, to say the least.