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Thursday Morning Brews: Easy Does It

Mark Kolbe/Getty Images

Hitting the Links Is Very Scared of Rutgers

MGoBlog's Takedown of the Rutgers Fiasco

MGoBlog always has the best hate pieces, and this is some easy fodder.

Paramus Catholic To Play In The Big House

The players will be very sad to leave Jersey, I'm sure.

Rashan Gary Interview

Gary is looking forward to heading to Ann Arbor.

Storm Causes House Fire; Thousands Lose Power

Sorry, not sure how this actual weather report from last night found its way in here.

Recapping Harbaugh In Mississippi

An ex-NFL QB came out this week and players would have more fun with Harbaugh than they would with Saban, which is pretty hard to dispute. In fact, there probably isn't a combo of work ethic and fun anywhere close to Harbaugh.

ESPN Names Michigan's Most Exciting Player

Very strange that they picked Kyle Kalis here. Just kidding, it's Jabrill Peppers.

Michigan Trolled By Dan Mullen...And Bumper Stickers

It's hard for me to get angry about either case, really. Mullen had to reach back a few years, but bad losses are reasonable fodder for a few years down the road. Stale, maybe, but tasty for MSU fans.

College GameDay Will Head To Lambeau For Week 1

Wisconsin-LSU at Lambeau Field beats out Alabama-USC and a few other good match-ups..

Better or Worse: Penn State's Offensive Line

Agreed on all counts. This will be a fun year for Penn State's offense.

Big Ten's 16 Most Anticipated Games of 2016

I rolled it from the beginning for you. This would have been better as a top twelve, but so it is.

MAC Conference Preview

This is a fairly edible summary of the Big Ten's little brother. Also, if homework is your thing or the off-season is feeling painfully long, here is a handy link with every Division-I team ranked #1-128 with links to individual team previews.

All right, that's it for today. Thanks as always, and hopefully you guys have some cool outdoor stuff planned for this weekend.