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Jim Harbaugh Appears in Michigan Wolverines Rap Video

“Who’s Got It Better Than Us!?”

Michigan Wolverines coach Jim Harbaugh loves rap music. For proof, look no further than his appearances with Migos or his list of favorite Drake tracks.

Now, he’s taking it a step further by appearing in a UM-themed rap video by Bailey:

Yep, there’s Harbaugh screaming the hook, "Who’s Got it Better Than Us!?" and chilling behind the wheel of a Corvette at the Big House.

The song itself has a rather long history, first appearing in 2011 as a San Francisco 49ers anthem. The original version earned over 1 million hits on YouTube, and Bailey decided to give it a refresh for Harbaugh’s next coaching job.

The rapper performed it at the spring game and now has the ultimate seal of approval with Harbaugh in the vid.