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Tuesday Morning Brews: And, Still Waiting

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Hey, I can feel it. It’s becoming a reasonable distance until kickoff week.

Minnesota v Michigan X Seymour

Bri’onte Dunn Dismissed From Ohio State

A not very analytical opinion, but this ticks me off a little. I was excited to watch him play this season, and thought he could be a pleasant surprise (as much as a Buckeye doing well could be something like that).

This was already Mike Weber’s show; Weber is a phenomenal talent, and he was going to do great things with or without Dunn there. So I don’t think this hurts Ohio State. But Dunn’s departure is a shame.

[Update: there was a very good reason for Dunn’s departure.]

SB Nation Preview: Nebraska

I may get burned on this, but I’ll ride the Tommy Armstrong train for one more season. Dual-threat quarterbacks can get your hopes up and then dash them at the worst time, but Armstrong really is a tantalizing, occasionally thrilling talent.

SB Nation Preview: Indiana

I am much, much less worried about Indiana’s defensive line that Bill Connelly is, even though I’m not a really big fan of Ralph Green III.

SB Nation Preview: Northwestern | Need For A Fast Start

Clayton Thorson’s development will be interesting. There isn’t a lot behind him to challenge him, though I’m excited about redshirt freshman Lloyd Yates from an athleticism perspective. (His arm isn’t that good, but there could maybe be a platoon situation down the road, which Northwestern has been famous for.)

On Penn State’s Quarterback Battle, New Offense

I’m very excited about this offense. Both quarterbacks are solid talents, and the inexperience at the position shouldn’t inhibit them too much. Moorhead’s offense is pretty easy to operate.

Being An NFL Wide Receiver

This was a great post from The Players’ Tribune.

Talks To Remove The Kickoff From College Football

I’m a fan of kickoffs, and part of me wishes they’d stop changing so many rules. On the other hand, I suppose it’s not important in the grand scheme of things.

SI Bio On Darnay Holmes

This was a solid piece on the five-star cornerback/athlete.

The Ramifications Michigan-Notre Dame Has On Rutgers

All part of our master plan to destabilize their successful program.

Rashan Gary’s Athleticism Is Impressing Current Players

It’s kind of not fair that Michigan will (could?) be pitting Gary against other teams’ starting right tackle, who’s generally not as good at pass pro as the left tackle. Gary will make some very solid players pretty frustrated this year.

Michigan Football Hype Video

This song is the Matstubs remix of a Jetta cover of a 1971 conservative, counter-counter-culture hit, “I’d Love To Change The World.” (Music history lesson of the day.) Anyway, there is some bad language.