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Thursday Morning Brews: ‘Crootin

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Not much else, really.

NCAA Football: Michigan Spring Game Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

As August Looms, Reviewing Michigan’s Recruiting Focus

Steve Lorenz has a great breakdown of where Michigan recruiting goes from here.

Full List of Visitors At The Upcoming ‘BBQ At The Big House’

Hats off to Garrett Fishaw on this; MGoFish also has some links to a new walk-on fullback and the updated 247Sports rankings. Also, here was a really good quote in a piece on Benjamin St-Juste:

“I think a couple guys have Michigan as their leader after The Opening. Dylan (McCaffrey) did a really good job telling guys about Michigan. Nico Collins, Jaylen Kelly-Powell, and Ambry Thomas,” St. Juste said.

There was a lot of other good stuff in there, as well.

Mo Hurst, The Uber Driver

This was a great piece from Angelique Chengelis that also touches on Hurst’s relationship with his dad, which the Boston Globe also had a great piece on in 2012.

Reasons Why Michigan Will, Won’t Make Playoff

Also, here’s a Big Ten Media Days preview with a Michigan focus from Brian Bennett.

CBS Sports’ Top 50 Players In CFB

Jabrill comes in at #10 on this list, with Lewis #13. Meanwhile, Ryan Glasgow makes a list of the top fifty underrated players.

Ten Best Offensive Lines In CFB

You would not believe this, but Michigan actually makes this list. Not only that, they’re #4! Going to be a bad year for running the ball, apparently.

SB Nation’s Minnesota Preview | Analysis of the Preview

I’m bullish on Minnesota, but we’ll see what the rest of the Big Ten West looks like. This could be a tight race for the division title between several teams - Minnesota, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Northwestern, Iowa. It’ll probably be a rough first year for Lovie.

SB Nation’s Iowa Preview | Analysis of the Preview, Again

The big question here is this - can Iowa’s depleted wide receiving corps keep this team afloat? The athleticism was already a weak spot and there aren’t a lot of great options without Tevaun Smith.

Finally, here’s an oldie but a goodie - a hype video of Jourdan Lewis that I enjoyed from February.