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National Champions? Michigan Wolverines Football are the betting favorite to win it all

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Vegas and gamblers can't seem to get enough of Michigan football. We take a look at the details.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

While Michigan may be considered the underdogs by pundits and Ohio State, if the money being bet on the Wolverines in Las Vegas could talk, it would loudly be saying "We disagree with your assessment!"

According to ESPN writer David Purdum, Michigan has received more bets to win the National Championship than any other team at multiple sportsbooks. Their odds of winning it all have went from 15-1 to 7-1, which is second behind the Alabama Crimson Tide at WestGate sportsbook, which is the largest superbook in the world.

When it comes to who will win the showdown of Michigan on the road against the Buckeyes, the sportsbook director of South Point Casino says that 88% of the money wagered on the game is on the Wolverines. The line is currently Ohio State -5.

What does this all mean? Michigan is gaining a ton of interest nationally. Michigan fans, college football enthusiasts, and gamblers alike all seem to have a tremendous amount of faith in Jim Harbaugh and his second year arsenal of players and coaches. It doesn't hurt in the recruiting department either, as being #1 in this area is a good place to be and a reflection of which direction this program is trending.

There are games to be played to decide if the bets were warranted, quarterbacks still to be named starter, Michael Jordan's still to be an honorary captain, but this is a fun bit of news before the season begins.