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Friday Michigan Recruiting Roundup: A Lot of Diggin’

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BYU v Michigan Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Another Isaiah Wilson Update

One of Michigan’s top targets, OT Isaiah Wilson, spoke to 247Sports ($) this week. Mostly, this reaffirmed what we already knew about his commitment: his top five remains Bama, Michigan, LSU, Georgia and USC, though a sixth school (and he didn’t say who) could jump in and usurp a spot in that top five.

He did elaborate on his travel itinerary, as well as what he thinks a college program will be getting when they get his commitment.

"The one other trip [besides Alabama] I think is a possibility is the Michigan trip," he explained. "I don't want to set that in stone yet. I honestly don't know how I'm going to get there. That's for August 6, they're having a barbecue I think. I don't know yet, I'm going to try. If it's a possible thing, I'll definitely go. I would love to go. I just don't know where the transportation will come from." ....

"You just got yourself a 6-foot-7 kid who can jump 30 inches," he said. "That could run as well as some tight ends. He's gonna work hard and probably put a lot of people in the turf for you. You'll have fun on Mondays watching that film from Saturday. That's what you're gonna get."

Wilson also said he plans to commit either at the Under Armour All-America Game or on National Signing Day.

Reviewing The Top 25 Overall Remaining Targets

This has been a bit of a slow week on the recruiting trail (honestly, I think everyone in the Michigan media is going into or coming out of a battery-recharging period), but Garrett Fishaw updated his best guess as to Michigan’s top 25 overall targets.

Also, a link I included in yesterday’s Brews: Steve Lorenz breaks down what to expect from here on out with the 2017 recruiting class. In general, the second half of the cycle sees fewer, but more highly-rated, commitments, which could mean some very good things for Michigan.

Planning For The BBQ

With The Opening in the rear-view mirror, the next big thing for Michigan is the BBQ, which will feature anywhere from 10 or more commits, plus some top names like Darnay Holmes, Shaun Wade, Jedrick Wills, Jordan Anthony, and Markquese Bell. For a full list of that, click here.

Nico Collins, I think, is an important ‘maybe.’ If he does make it up from Alabama for the BBQ, I think that’s a terrific sign that Jim Harbaugh is firmly ahead of Nick Saban in the driver’s seat. But if Collins can’t make it, it’s not a very big deal. By the way, he reaffirmed this week that he plans on waiting a while to make a decision, and that seeing teams play during the season will be important for him.

“I’m going to take my officials, taking my time. I want to explore and see more. … I plan on watching teams play and see how they run their offense.”

Meanwhile, the law firm of Herbert & Slaton will be trying to find a way to make it up to Ann Arbor; but again, if they can’t be there, shouldn’t be a big deal.

Other News & Notes: Extra Diggin’

2018 QB Artur Sitkowski wowed at a Florida Gators camp this week, and spoke very highly of the Gators. Meanwhile, Obinna Eze told Bleacher Report the eight schools that have been recruiting him the hardest, and none of those listed were Michigan.

Some other links that you might find interesting, even if their connection to Michigan recruiting is a bit tenuous: the Detroit News did some research about NFL players and their state origins, while 247’s Steve Wiltfong gives his thoughts and predictions on the remaining five-stars in the 2017 class.

Also, here’s a piece on a 2018 five-star player who could end up considering Michigan. All pretty standard for a 2018 recruitment, but it might turn into something. Finally, a shout-out to MGoFish for carrying the Roundup today and a final post on Michigan vs. Alabama recruiting battles.