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Big Ten Media Days: Amara Darboh Podium Q&A Recap

We take a look at what Amara Darboh had to say at Big Ten Media Days

Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Amara Darboh was at the podium today at Big Ten Media Days. The soft spoken, lightning speed, sure handed receiver had some interesting comments.

Here are some of the highlights:

On outside distractions:

"We have great team leaders, and I think they will shield our team from what's on the outside."

On Coach Harbaugh:

"He's one of a kind. He thinks outside of the box."

The hype surrounding the team:

"It doesn't mean anything with the hype and stuff, coach Harbaugh and the staff they make sure they tell us things we are good at and things we need to work at too, so we have the confidence and it's just a matter of executing."

From a receiver perspective what he's seen from the quarterback competition:

"One thing I've seen that I liked is that all three guys think they're going to start, they have the mentality that they're going to be the starter, trying to take advantage of reps, free time, calling us to go run routes. As a receiver seeing quarterbacks work hard, willing to throw to you, willing work on things they struggle with, says a lot about them."

What makes him a good player mentally:

"I would say put in the preparation before. Especially with this staff, we're doing a lot of reading defenses. That's helped me a lot read zone, and even man coverages. That goes a long way."

Thoughts on freshman receivers:

"They're very talented. Very explosive and quick. All of them have bright futures."

How receivers can help quarterbacks:

"Availability. Quarterbacks are all working on their steps, timing, they texted us Monday wanting to do that,  for us to be available and come work on that with them. Also Building their confidence up. Being honest up, if they throw a throw that we think should be somewhere different we should be honest with them and they can be honest with us."

NFL Receivers he has watched film of:

"I watch Larry Fitzgerald's highlights a lot, Dez Bryant, and some of the bigger receivers. And try to pick their game, pick things that works for them and see if it works for me.

Team Expectations:

"My expectations are very high. I want to win championships. But I also understand it starts with camp, got to get better throughout camp, and then hit the season rolling."