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Big Ten Media Days: Jim Harbaugh Podium Q&A Recap

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After his press conference, Jim Harbaugh sat down for an hour long Q&A with the media. We take a look at some of what he had to say.

Jim Harbaugh not only took part in the Big Ten Media Days press conference, but also a podium Q&A session later Monday afternoon. MaizeNbrew was on hand to catch his comments:

Here are some highlights from the hour session:

Difference between a good player and a great player:

"Somebody that puts the work in. Any dream can be realized, and if you don't set your sights high enough, if people aren't laughing at what you aspire to, what you dream about, and what your goals are, then you probably haven't set your goals and dreams high enough. All that is possible once the work is realized. That's the biggest thing that needs to happen.

Thoughts on Don Brown:

"He's a legend in my mind right now. Everything he has done. Everything that he has been associated with has been successful. Even as a baseball coach at Yale. They say we need you to coach the baseball team, he coaches them into the playoffs. Everywhere I go, and I've been a lot of places, and the amount of people that come up to me and say I've played for Don Brown.. at U-Mass, played for Don Brown at Boston College, tell Donny I said hi he coached me, and to hear the ways he's effected lives and made people, developed individuals, is on the same par as people talk to me about my Dad, and how he's effected people through his coaching career, the many lives he's influenced, it's running neck and neck right now."

On Browns defensive style:

It's an attacking defense. They're attacking, they are covering. They are coming from everywhere. The blitz percentage is high. I think the scheme is going to be tough to beat.

Thoughts on Jake Butt:

From day one Jake Butt as been A++ as a player. And then I look out in a meeting, and I see him on the edge of his seat, I see him gung-ho, sit through a two/three hour meeting, and he's communicating with guys next to him. He's walking out of that meeting with a bounce in his step. Puts his uniform on, he's out to the field, the hair on the back of his neck is standing up, goes to his sled, goes through a blocking drill with just as much excitement as he does when we're going through pass routes, the routes on air, seven on seven. I think the world of him. I think he's a tremendous football player, and I've always thought he's the most gung-ho player on our team when it comes to playing football. Football isn't fun, football is hard, rough and tough, you don't play many games, you're practicing, lifting weights, conditioning it seems like year round. And guys that love competition that embrace the struggle. Then you know you got a true football player, and to say "Jake Butt, he's a football player", is the highest compliment that I think I could receive or give anybody. Jake Butt, football player."

Satelite Camps Positives:

"It was all good. It was good for the student athletes, the youngsters, their families, it was good for the coaches, it was good for competition. I think that anybody that had questions about it, people even were talking about the sky falling, that is was the wild west... it wasn't. It was much adieu about nothing and those complaints were all proved unfounded."

About the rap video:

The rap video.. why not? My default answer is yes, that would be great. And then had fun writing some of the lyrics, had some input in that, was in the video, it was fun, the feedback has been great, got texts from people and people stop me and say "that's really good". We did not embarrass ourselves with that video. It's a respectable song and video. All cool people like it."

Playing on the road:

"Hard pressed to think of anything better than to go into another teams stadium, to compete against their teams, their fans, and if you can throw in the elements too.. the cold, some kind of rain weather and come out the victor there's nothing better in life that I've found."

Thoughts about the kick-off on special teams:

"I like the kick-off. Having done it, I've run down on kick-offs, it's one of those great thrills in life. For a competitive junkie to take that running down on a kick-off, you're hair is on fire, you are trying to be the fastest guy down on the field from point A to point B. You're going to get hit, somebody's coming to block you. That is a wonderful feeling and thrill."