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Big Ten Media Days Podium Recap: Jourdan Lewis says Michigan receivers are best in country

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We take a look at some of what Jourdan Lewis had to say at Big Ten Media Days

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Cornerback Jourdan Lewis was on hand at Big Ten Media Days. MaizenBrew was there for some of his comments.

Here are some of the highlights:

Does Harbaugh's competitiveness raise the level among the players?

"Of course it does. Especially when you have a head coach so intense, so gung-ho and passionate about the sport, you can only follow. So authentic, just how he goes about his daily life, it's something that you look up to and you can follow."

On what he's noticed about defensive coordinator Don Browns scheme:

"The pressure. Dr. Blitz, knows what he's doing man. That's he's great at, that's what he hangs his hat on, and that's what we're going to do."

Why his attitude hasn't changed since his stardom has rose:

Because I love the work, I love the game of football, I don't want to give it a disservice by trying to act like I made it, I've arrived. That's being a terrible teammate, that's being a terrible football player, honestly, and that's what I hang my hat on, what I do every single day to get better.

Do teammates look at him as a leader?

"Hopefully. I hope guys follow my footsteps. I am going to work every single day. Some of the guys understand that through the things that we've been doing in seven on seven and stuff like that. I hope those guys are paying attention."

What it would mean to be a captain:

"Everything to me. I've been a Michigan fan since I was two years old. I've had Michigan gear for forever, all the tradition. Everyone that came ahead of me... some of the great players that were never captains, that would mean so much to me if I was. It would be a great honor."

His message to underclassmen about the season:

"Take it seriously man. I know me, I took some plays and games off when I was a sophomore. I took some practices off when I was a freshman. Don't do that. We gotta prepare for anything."

Thoughts on receiving corp:

"Their the best in the country, Those two guys (Darboh and Chesson)."

Does he consider Jake Butt a receiver:

"Jake is a receiver who blocks. He can do it all. He will give you his best. He's going to block, he's going to catch balls."

Thoughts on Harbaugh's personality:

"When you see a head coach in a rap video. It's just something that something that you can go man, what a cool coach, someone so authentic to go out of his way and try something new."

If Michael Jordan Challenged Harbaugh to one on one:

"That's going down. No question about it. If Michael Jordan ever challenged him, which I don't think he would, coach Harbaugh would never back down. You've seen him shooting jumpshots in people's driveways, he's the ultimate competitor man, that's just something that we love about him."