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Big Ten Media Days: Jake Butt Podium Q&A Recap

We take a look at what Michigan Jake Butt had to say at Big Ten Media Days.

Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports

Michigan Tight End Jake Butt was at Big Ten Media Days to answer questions from the media. MaizeNbrew was there to catch some of his comments.

Here are some highlights from his Q&A-

How he feels about quarterback battle:

"I feel very great, they're all in great hands with coach Harbaugh, he's a quarterback guru. They both have the capability to succeed and get the job done. They great thing is they have competition so they can't go into any single practice relaxed. They can't take a meeting off, a rep off, they going to have to be going all out at every single thing they're doing and that's great for us as a team because that's going to bring out the best in both of them."

How much easier does it make it for the new quarterback having himself, Darboh, and Chesson as targets?

"I hope it makes it a little bit easier and an edge. Aside from us we have an experienced offensive line, we got an experienced run game, we have a proven run game, we have a defense we know we can trust, we got a special teams that we know are going to put us in great positions. They're all little pieces of the puzzle that come together."

How to win:

"Since a young kid I figured out that way to win football games is you gotta run the ball and play defense. It's looking like we should be able to do both of those things. We have all the personnel in place, we have the coaching, we got the talent, so I think we got a good shot."

On Michigan wearing the Jumpman jersey:

"Our team cannot wait, it's a great honor to have our name and our brand next to Michael Jordan, who's obviously the greatest basketball player to ever play the game. And to be the first one to pave the way as a Jordan football team.. I know we're all really, really excited."

Thoughts on Freshmen tight ends:

"They're very talented and eager to learn. That's a recipe for success right there."

Who's more competitive? Butt or Harbaugh:

"That's a tough one. He's probably the most competitive person I've ever met and probably will ever meet. That being said, I try to match that competitiveness for sure."

One game at a time mentality:

"You can't win the Big Ten Championship without winning the game right in front of you. You can't win the College Football Playoff without winning game one. We're going to have a target on our back this fall and we know that. Everyone that comes into our stadium is going to be at their best, their going to be playing their best against us, trying to knock us off. We saw that last year. We fought in some really close games, some of them we lost, some of them we won, the goal this year is to win them all."

Has he been around a player as versatile as Jabril Peppers?

"I haven't. That guy is something else. He's played cornerback, nickel, safety, he's playing linebacker now, returns punts, kicks, played quarterback, running back, slot, the list could go on. He can cover our fastest receivers, he can cover me, he can come fill the hole against lineman, I'm glad he's on our team and not somewhere else."