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Tuesday Morning Brews: Jourdan Lewis On Offense?

Green Bay Packers v Detroit Lions Photo by Domenic Centofanti/Getty Images

HtL: Rest In Peace, Sam And Mike

SI Piece on Harbaugh

This starts off really bad, but redeems itself.

Another Chance At Beating Ohio State

I liked this Eleven Warriors piece that framed Michigan’s Media Days in a Buckeye context.

Speaking of which, this was a solid film study on Don Brown.

Jourdan Lewis Wants To Play Offense

Sounds terrific to me from a recruiting perspective; great athletes will be strongly attracted to Michigan if they have a reputation for bringing back the two-way player.

And, Jourdan would probably be pretty good at it.

Maryland Adds A Top Transfer Cornerback

Somebody is going to have to lose games in the East. Preseason coverage typically likes to throw out the same old contenders for something like the division title - in this case OSU, MSU, and Michigan, with Penn State behind them - but the room for error is getting really small for all of these teams. A preseason favorite could end up going 8-4 or 9-3 fending off a killer division.

Recapping Ohio State’s Friday Night Lights

Yay, more blue-chips committed to Ohio State.

SB Nation Preview: Michigan State

As I’ve delved more into the film, I’m starting to think Michigan State is better positioned in 2016 than Ohio State is. The weaknesses for MSU are positions where development has been far from a problem; meanwhile, OSU will have a lot of trip hazards to avoid - health along the offensive and defensive lines, maturity from the receivers and synchronization with J.T. Barrett, and new faces all over back seven, particularly at safety.

Depth Charts: Iowa | Illinois

Only four ‘or’s total. Otherwise, not a lot of surprises.

SB Nation Preview: Penn State

The receivers here could be the best in the conference, if they put in the work this off-season.

On Mitch Leidner & Minnesota’s Conservative Offense

This was a great piece by Ian Boyd.

Wisconsin’s TJ Edwards Out With Injury | UW’s New Uniforms

What fascinates me most about Justin Wilcox’s upcoming tenure at Wisconsin is how he fares with the linebackers. Dave Aranda was brilliant at developing All-Americans out of spare tires and dust traps from the 1930’s, and he’s left Wilcox with a full cupboard. If Wilcox can maintain that, then the party’s still on in Madison. But that party, at least, is on hold for the moment - no, not because Bill Connelly released his annual Wisconsin preview - but as Edwards was one of the team’s better players.