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Big Ten Media Days: D.J. Durkin reflects on time with Michigan

We take a look at D.J. Durkin's comments on Michigan from Big Ten Media Days

Rob Carr/Getty Images

Maryland head coach, 2015 Michigan defensive coordinator D.J. Durkin was on hand at the Big Ten Media Days. I was able to ask his thoughts about the Michigan program. Although he didn't go into specific details about his time in Ann Arbor, his response was genuine and it was evident he enjoyed being part of the Harbaugh staff.

"Jourdan (Lewis) is a great kid, a great player, very proud of all he's been able to accomplish. Whenever you go to games, you go to battles with guys, you build tight relationships with your players and the coaches your with, and so obviously there's feelings there but at the same time we're now on the opposite sideline and their doing everything they can to beat us, and we're doing everything we can to beat them. At the end of the day our relationships will last a lot further than any one game. And that's the cool thing about it, you get to look around and so many guys I've been able to be some small part of their career and their life. And when you hear back from them, talk to them, see them, it always bring a smile to your face."

Durkin will be returning to "The Big House" November 5th with the Terrapins. It will be interesting to see how the game unfolds, with Durkin knowing so much about the Michigan offense, and Michigan knowing all about Durkin's type of scheme. It should be fun to see.