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What We Know About Where You Can Buy Michigan’s Nike Gear

We have some answers to where you can get your U-M Nike gear starting Monday.

Fans and readers alike have had no shortage of questions when it comes to Michigan’s Nike gear, which will be officially released on Aug. 1. People have been clamoring for it since before a deal with the sports apparel giant became official and many have been holding out for it.

Maize n Brew did some digging, and here is where we stand in regards to how you can get your hands on the gear when the switch becomes official:

  • The M-Den is your best shot at the new apparel on Aug. 1. They will hold a launch party/midnight release event at the State Street location in Ann Arbor. It will also be available for purchase online through their website at 11:59 p.m. on July 31. The football jersey will be unveiled Aug. 2 and will be available for purchase on Aug. 6.
  • The M-Den’s other locations at Briarwood Mall and Main Street (both in Ann Arbor), Laurel Park Mall (Livonia) and Twelve Oaks Mall (Novi) will be available on Aug. 1 at 10 a.m.
  • I spoke to someone at Fanatic U and they are expecting some of the new gear to arrive and be available on Aug. 1.
  • I placed a phone call to a few of the national chain stores and the Michigan gear is scheduled to arrive on Monday, but they do not know for sure when it will be on the floor or online.
  • An employee at the Nike Store in Downtown Detroit told me over the phone that the gear will be available as soon as possible, but that it is still a secret and it will be made known to the public when they know.
  • A representative at Eastbay said that they are not sure when any new gear will be available through them.

That is all we know for now. When more news becomes available, I will be sure to update it here.