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Thursday Morning Brews: Summertime, Livin’ Is Easy

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Bryan Fuller - MGoBlog

Hitting the Links Has Dreams

Nico Collins Officially Declares Michigan His Leader

Loved this quote:

"They've always been the leader," Collins said today after the first Elite 11 practice at Nike Headquarters. "They've always been up there from the first two times I went. Everything about Michigan. The coaching staff, it's a tradition-type school and just the vibe of the coaches, it's good."

I said this a long time ago, but Nico Collins’ tape is explosive, and reminds me of a young Rob Gronkowski. He will be so hard to stop at the next level, and that’s especially true if (IF) he’s paired with a more lithe, nimble deep threat like Donovan Peoples-Jones.

Pressure, Motivation For Sol-Jay Maiava

Best of luck to the kid, wherever he ends up. Even Ohio State! Just take care of yourself and you’ll be fine.

Mason Cole’s Move To Center Is Pivotal For OL’s Success

This has been covered before, but Cole performed very well in the spring game against good competition. It’s rare that a left tackle moves to center and is the consensus safe bet on the offensive line, but that is the case with #52. A great way to replace Graham Glasgow.

Michigan Football’s Strengths, Weaknesses, & Secret Weapons

This team has a lot of secret weapons, but Mone is a potential All-American if things break his way.

Big Week In Recruiting For Michigan

Allen Trieu’s special to the Detroit News is worth a gander, even if most of this has been covered so far.

How Can Ohio State Replace Joey Bosa’s Pass Rush?

I’ll remember Michael Bennett for a long time as a tenacious, hard-working team player and a gigantic pain in the neck. And now, Joey Bosa has moved on, too. Hopefully no more of this All-America thing for a while. Give us a few years.

Some More Way-Too-Early Bowl Projections

This one has Michigan in the Rose Bowl against Washington, an old foe in the granddaddy of them all.

Ranking The Best Running Backs In The Nation

No Michigan names come up, but this is a fun list to think about anyway. Also, I haven’t scouted all the names on this list, but they’ve done a really great job with the ones I have. It might be easy to overlook Hurd, Gallman, Shock Linwood*, L.J. Scott and Corey Clement, but all those names make it on the list. So, well done.

Yeah, about Shock Linwood. I haven’t had a reason to talk about this for a while but Linwood really stood out to me last year. He didn’t get a lot of praise in a 1,329-yard season, partly because he played in a Baylor offense that has always drawn more focus on the receivers and always gives the running backs pretty solid numbers even if they aren’t great. Also, he’s 5’9”, 200 pounds - how unstoppable can he be?

1:22, 1:47, and 2:54 of this video might change your mind on that, but the whole thing is good. Also, the music in this seems pretty well censored, but I’ll throw a NSFW warning on there anyway in case I missed something.