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Thursday Morning Brews: Fall Camp Underway

Eric Upchurch - MGoBlog

Hitting the Links Reps Warren, Ohio

First Impressions From Fall Camp

For some reason this month has been even more painful than all the other months. Can summer end now, please?

Fall Camp Storylines: Offense | Defense

Fans, more than writers, have brought up the gaping hole at fullback now that Houma and Kerridge have moved on. But, I think this is something the team will handle just fine. The position will probably be de-emphasized a little bit, but there will be tight ends and hopefully a stronger rushing attack to fill the balance.

Profiles: De’Veon Smith | Rashan Gary | Jabrill Peppers

A couple good pieces from MLive. Also, I’ll say this: if there were jerseys you could buy of all the Michigan players, the one I would get would have to be De’Veon. He’s maybe not my favorite player - that would be Jabrill, I think - but he is the one I would want to have a reminder of in my closet, who I’d want to emulate and represent. Although, it’s hard to go wrong; there are a lot of great, hard-working leaders all over this team.

BBQ At The Big House Was Good For Commits, Too

I think it’s fair to say this has been a perfect cycle so far for Harbaugh, in that he’s accomplished what he’s wanted and set up the second half of the cycle in the way that he wanted.

10 College Football Predictions For 2016

Alabama beats Michigan in the CFP National Championship, writes ESPN’s Mark Schlabach, among other predictions.

CFB’s Top 50 Running Back Units

Michigan makes this list... at #35. Behind Toledo, Georgia Southern, and Appalachian State. Preposterous.

Three Men & A Kingdom | Analyzing The Fall Roster

This first piece comes from 247Sports on Jehu Chesson, Drake Johnson, and how these two roommates have battled back from injuries. Also, it’s interesting that Drake Johnson is down to his lowest weight since he’s been at Michigan, 201 pounds. He should be as fast as ever, as long as he doesn’t get trampled by elephants or something.

Unusual Michigan Prop Bets

Who would bet that Harbaugh doesn’t wear khakis? Why do that?

Andrew Stueber Talks BBQ, Recruiting

Sorry for the lack of Michigan links today. Anywho, here’s one on last weekend’s barbecue, with this as my favorite part:

The buzz around the BBQ was strong. Though he did not spend much time with non-offensive linemen he did hear some buzz about uncommitted players thinking of committing, but the general message from the coaching staff and commits was to inform, but not pressure to commit.

5 Predictions For Michigan’s Fall Camp | 7 For B1G East

Garrett Fishaw is more optimistic about finding a fresh face in the receiving corps, while also bringing up walk-on freshman Tru Wilson.

Kyle Kalis Sees Big Improvement At Offensive Line

I’ll believe it when I see it ... and will celebrate like a sugared up little kid as soon as it happens.