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14 college coaches give thoughts on Jim Harbaugh: Malzahn, Meyer, Fisher, and more sound off

ESPN put out a video with college coaches giving a short response about Jim Harbaugh. We take a look at their comments

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN put together a video of coaches playing word association with the name "Jim Harbaugh". Their reactions were interesting to see, along with their body language. Urban Meyer, Jimbo Fisher, and twelve others had comments (or lackethereof) about the Michigan coach.

These are the comments made in the video:

Jimbo Fisher- Florida State: "Interesting"

Will Muschamp- South Carolina: "Classic"

Pat Narduzzi- Pittsburgh: "Wow"

Dan Mullen- Mississippi State: "Kind of an amusing character of college football"

Dabo Swinney- Clemson: "Eccentric"

Hugh Freeze- Ole Miss: "Very interesting"

Barry Odom- Missouri: "Aggressive"

Mark Richt- Miami: "He's an exciting guy, he's creating a stir"

Kevin Wilson- Indiana: "Different"

Jim McElwain- Florida: Had no comment, shrugged shoulders

Bobby Petrino- Louisville: "Pass"

Gus Malzahn- Auburn: *Shakes head back and forth* "Don't have an opinion"

Urban Meyer- Ohio State: "Excellent coach"

Larry Fedora- North Carolina: "Great for college football"

For full context, watch the video. The body language and tone of some coaches I'd associate with the word "odd". Urban Meyer came across as sincere, Larry Fedora as a guy who would love to have a beer with Harbaugh, and you can judge the rest for yourself.

What do you think of the various responses? What words would you associate with Jim Harbaugh? Mine would be "Winner".