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A Michigan Fan Invited Jim Harbaugh to His Wedding. He Responded with a Handwritten Note

“Attack every day with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind. Every Day — Together.”

In spite of his increasing infamy in the college football world, Michigan Wolverines coach Jim Harbaugh continues to surprise.

A friend of Lost Lettermen founder Jim Weber apparently invited Harbaugh to his wedding earlier this summer.

This friend was smart enough not to host the wedding on a fall Saturday (always a no no) and received what appears to be a handwritten letter from Harbaugh himself:

In case you are having trouble making that out, it says:

Seth & Kristen,

Congratulations on behalf of the 2016 University of Michigan football team on your May 28 wedding.

If I might offer a suggestion.

“Attack every day with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind.”

Every Day — Together.

Much Happiness,


Now there is a keepsake to last forever, and apparently it’s not the first time.

Hopefully Harbaugh has time to write more letters like this, because I’d expect a flood of wedding invitations to be in his mailbox next week.