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Jedd Fisch: Comments on Shane Morris, Michigan receivers

We take a look at what Jedd Fisch had to say on Michigan media day

Passing game coordinator, quarterbacks/wide receiver coach Jedd Fisch was on hand at Michigan media Day earlier this week and had some things to say about his unit. After an excellent season from quarterback Jake Rudock, and wide receivers Amara Darboh and Jehu Chesson, Fisch and company will be looking to improve even more in 2017.”

Here’s some of what Fisch had to say-

On Shane Morris:

“Shane is right there, it’s not like one of those and it’s two-drop, it’s not, he’s right there too, he’s competing and he’s going to get his opportunities too. We’ll see. Shane’s gotta avoid the big mistake.

Where are players at in terms of development?

“I have a great idea on how they’ve grown in the weight room, where they are athletically in terms of speed, size, strength. But I don’t have a great idea right now how they’re going to be on the field as a thrower, I would assume they’re better than they were, but if not I would assume they didn’t work as hard as they needed to.”

Michigan Receivers:

“We got pretty good receivers around here. I think that we’re really excited about Jehu and Amara.”

Jehu Chesson:

I think going into last year at this time we didn’t have many conversations about Jehu, he was coming off a 13 catch, one zero touchdown season, and the way he evolved, the way he developed and how hard he worked, and what he ended up doing or our program special teams, on offense, running the football, on some reverses and sweeps, and as a leader.. unbelievable.

Amara Darboh:

Then you got Amara Darboh who had even more production, he had more catches than Jehu had, and more yards, some less touchdowns, but he had a great offseason, incredible offseason, and he had all spring to retake the lead as the number one guy.

Grant Perry:

“I think Grant Perry, his development from Utah to Florida (the bowl game), I think all of us were really really happy with that.”

“Going into camp he is (the #3 receiver).”

Jehu Chesson’s health:

“Very healthy.”