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Harbaugh comments on quarterback competition: "Seeing solid play"

We take a look at what Jim Harbaugh had to say about the quarterback competition

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Jim Harbaugh emerged from the submarine on Monday for a brief time to answer some questions from the media. During the session he gave his thoughts on how the quarterbacks have looked so far.

"Right now, you hate to compare, we're better, we're playing better at that position than we were eight, nine games into camp last season."

With over a full year for the quarterbacks to learn Harbaugh's scheme, this may not come as a total surprise the group is better at this point than last year.

When it comes to who's doing what, Harbaugh gave all three quarterbacks a word to describe their camp. "Shane Morris is doing good, having a good camp. Wilton Speight is having an outstanding camp. John O'Korn is having a very good camp."

I'd rank outstanding first, very good second, and good third. A lot can change from now until the start of the season, but it's possible Speight has a slight edge at this point.

In regards to the overall play from the position in camp, Harbaugh has been happy with how the group is performing.

"The quarterback play has been really good in camp. Right from the first day. Been very pleased with that. They're completing balls, running the team. they know what they're doing, they're competing at a good high level. It's been good. This group of quarterbacks is playing really well. Better than most. Better than most camps I've seen at the start where sometimes they struggle with their accuracy, struggle with different things their communicating, or fumbled snaps on the ground. We haven't been seeing that, we've been seeing solid play that's improving too. It started good and it's getting better every day."

The news is encouraging, knowing that the quarterbacks aren't making mental mistakes and beating themselves via interceptions, miscommunications, inaccuracy, and fumbles. If Michigan is going to win the Big Ten, make the college playoff, and so on, one mistake could cost them everything they're working for. Limiting mistakes is paramount in college football and Harbaugh understands how to get his players to have the mindset that mistakes are not tolerable and must always be corrected.

Still, no front-runner for the job was stated and we will likely have to wait until the week of the season opener against Hawaii to find out who will be Michigan's starting quarterback.

Who will win the job?