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Tuesday Morning Brews: A Great Week For Michigan

The season’s still a month away, but the party is now in full swing. And, Michigan hires a former coach out of Maryland.

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Bryan Fuller - MGoBlog

Hitting the Links Is A Feel-Good Story

The Undertow of Apparel

This was a good column about Michigan’s Nike festivities by MGoBlog. Meanwhile, this article flowed well as a tweet-cap, while this one from the Free Press had some good quotes and a premature segue to the topic of coaches now being able to retweet recruits.

Michigan (Finally) Hires Biff Poggi

Poggi will help with game strategy and organizational structure, according to this article from the Baltimore Sun. He won’t be able to recruit very much at all.

Michigan Wide Receivers Ranked #3 In The Nation

I don’t think this is a particularly good list, nor do I think Michigan’s receivers are the third-best in the country, but the Michigan hype train continues unabated.

Two Michigan D-Linemen Are Breakout Candidates

Pro Football Focus likes Ryan Glasgow and Taco Charlton to take a big step forward in notoriety this year.

Rashan Gary Isn’t The Only Freshman Turning Heads

I’m not someone who has a lot of ears for inside info, and the couple times I have heard something, I tend to just sit on it. But, for what it’s worth I heard a little while ago that Michigan is practicing Devin Asiasi at H-back and not just tight end. It’s certainly a move that makes sense.

Urban Meyer Sweating The Details Ahead of Fall Camp

Oklahoma is a Vegas favorite in their Week 3 matchup with Ohio State, and I think they should be. Urban Meyer or no, the Buckeyes have a very hard job ahead these next couple months.

A five-minute video is usually a hard ask on the link circuit, but as speeches go, this is worth the price of admission. Dare articulates a lot of my thoughts about what makes football amazing and special.

Wisconsin Linebacker Preview

This may be one of the best position units in the Big Ten, and it’s an interesting contrast to Michigan. Whereas Michigan’s linebackers spent most of last year being protected and hidden by a dominant defensive line, Wisconsin’s linebackers have taken on the role of carrying and leading the defense, and leaving an indelible mark on the team and the culture.

On Indiana’s Defense

Optimism about Indiana’s defense finally turning it around, you say? That can only mean it must be some time between the Middle Ages and the apocalypse.

Rutgers & Maryland May Get Their Own Trophy Game

There aren’t many things more B1G than that. It would make a good house-warming gift for the two newbies, unless somehow they make a bad one. (Would a bronze fridge be a bad one or a good one?)

The Tale of Darius Stills

Few recruiting stories have the well-contained scope and appeal for casual fans that this one does. OTB recaps an interesting week for the three-star defensive tackle out of West Virginia.

Les Miles’ Son Commits To Nebraska

Meanwhile, Nebraska’s head coach Mike Riley adds a highly-rated fullback named Ben Miles to his 2017 class. That fullback comes from a good football family, you could say.

James Conner Recounts His Fight With Cancer

A feel-good story this off-season, for those who don’t know, was Pitt running back James Conner beating cancer. Well, he’s taken to the Players’ Tribune in an engaging and excellent recount of some of his experiences. This is a great article for those who know about his story and for those who don’t know about him at all.