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Warde Manuel says Michigan football will not wear alternate uniforms in 2016

As for the future, Warde Manuel will leave the uniform decisions to coach Jim Harabugh.

Dale Young/USA Today

Michigan athletic director Warde Manuel told members of the media that the Jordan uniforms displayed on August 2nd will be the only jerseys worn by the team this season.

As for the future, Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh will make the decisions on the jerseys worn throughout the season.

"I would leave that up to Jim and how he wants to handle that himself or with the team," Manuel said to MLive. "I may be a part of the conversation, but I'm not going to dictate to my coach that for a certain game, you have to wear a certain uniform."

Michigan is in the first year of a $173.8 million deal with Nike.

"We'll look at what (Nike) brings to the table and maybe some ideas that we may have about that, but, for this year, we really like the look that they created for the team," Manuel said.

Regardless of if Michigan uses alternate jerseys in the future, Manuel likes the Jordan Brand uniform that the Wolverines will use for the 2016 season.

"I don't know if a football uniform can be pretty or handsome, however, you'd describe it, but I really love the look that they created for the team this year," Manuel said. "We're going to enjoy that and then look and conversations with them about (future) alternate (uniforms) and then see where that goes."