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Thursday Morning Brews: Maisha Marefu

Notre Dame v Michigan Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

A Format Farewell

My first post for Maize 'n' Brew was two and a half years ago. I was completely new to sports writing and to media at the time, and could not have fathomed the complexity or nuance that I was about to jump into. The first post I wrote featured predictions on three upcoming NFL draftees who I thought were underrated, one of whom was Jeremy Gallon; I remember combing through hours of footage to try and find a few guys I could put my voice behind. When draft day came around, all three guys ended up doing well (Gallon) or better than expected (Kirksey, Jean-Baptiste) compared to where they were expected to go in the draft. Thus began a pursuit - an itch, to chase something rewarding, to find something or do something that was new and interesting.

Two and a half years later, the Brews have stayed mostly the same as they were that first week. When I started working more in recruiting this summer, a lot of the articles that came with this column went away; from the feedback I've received from you all, I know that was a valuable part of the Brews. Perhaps I should have posted a "Please don't mind the construction" sticky up somewhere. Luckily, columns will be back in a big way for the upcoming season.

There are some other changes in the works, as well. I want to keep pushing the envelope and experimenting with what sports writing can do and be. And, since I've been remiss in some of my duties covering the Big Ten, I'll use those changes in a marathon of Brews next week to count down toward the start of the season. What's going on with Wisconsin's quarterbacks? Who has the best position units in the Big Ten? What are the stories that matter for the teams you don't follow regularly? We'll try to have you prepped to enjoy the season and be as informed as possible.

Hopefully, we can fulfill that role while also entertaining you and capturing the crazy contours and pure fun of the football season. It's a tall order, and I'll probably fall a little short. But thank you for taking the leap with me so far, and please give feedback along the way. (I'll make sure to have a Survey Monkey link available later in the week, as well, for whatever thoughts and opinions you have.) I hope, and doubt, you've gotten half as much out of this crazy journey as I have.

Thank you.

Hitting the Links Is Grateful

Rashan Gary Struggling To Adjust

He’ll be fine. This will make him better in the long run.

Freshman David Long Prepares Like A Professional

This is encouraging for 2017, when there will be a lot of playing time at corner and not a whole lot of bodies to compete.

Five Burning Questions For Michigan Football

I like the tag team effort here by Evan and Garrett.

Harbaugh Tales: Part 1

Here’s something else from MGoFish: six recruiting tales, one of which is fake. I guessed the Jumpman one is fake. The deer one, I know, did happen.

ESPN’s Big Ten Predictions

This was fun. Division champs, award winners, etc.

Wisconsin Prepares For Leonard Fournette

Hype vs. pride, round 7,441. Both sides have won plenty.

Wisconsin OL Dan Voltz Retires

Voltz is the last starting remnant from the days of MG3. It’s all on the young guys now.

Some Words On Tim Beckman

So, Illinois’ former head coach seems to be trying to dig his way out of “unhireable” territory; he accepted a volunteer position this week at UNC and the media has generally not been kind.

Michigan State Plans On Running Its Quarterbacks More

This makes sense. MSU’s strong points at QB this year will be athleticism and ‘depth,’ since they have two good options to start. Dantonio hasn’t been afraid to get outside his comfort zone at times.

Penn State’s Starting QB: McSorley | Maryland: Perry Hills

Perry Hills isn’t surprising. As for McSorley, he’s a year older than Tommy Stevens but doesn’t have the same long-term ceiling as Stevens. Many have emphasized something like that to their detriment, picking a Shane Morris over a Jake Rudock, for example, but if both are neck-and-neck right now after a strong summer by Stevens to pull even with McSorley, I’m not sure why you don’t go with the hot hand with higher upside.