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Friday Michigan Recruiting Roundup: Singleton Talks Priorities

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Michigan’s Defensive Tackle Targets Going Forward

Apologies for a short round-up today; let’s start with an excellent piece by the Detroit News that I recommend checking out. It’s likely Michigan lands one of these names, and with a lot of talent leaving after this year, that’s probably a good thing. But part of me wonders if four is enough, given the numbers crunch for 2017 scholarships and at least four d-linemen added in 2016.

But, Harbaugh knows best.

Checking Back In On The Pipeline 9

A shout-out to the Free Press for an assist, as well. There’s a lot of great info here recapping the situations of each member of the nine Michigan players this staff tagged early as critical for this cycle.

Recapping The 2018 Quarterbacks

Eight offers have gone out so far; of those, four players have committed to other schools. Dorian Thompson-Robinson said this week that Michigan is currently #2 for him behind UCLA, which is impressive considering I know he’s gotten some flak for being a mobile quarterback named Robinson.

The other name Michigan fans are familiar with is Artur Sitkowski, who sat down with Rivals this week and talked about his recruitment ($).

"Miami, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Maryland, and Wisconsin all seem to be really interested in me," Sitkowski listed. "I'm not really sure if Michigan is in that group right now or not but I know that I'm very interested in them."

One would assume quarterback is one of the first priorities for 2018, but we’ll see what the strategy is for Harbaugh here. At the moment he seems to be taking his time.

An Offensive Line Update?

I swear, one of these days, I’ll stop saying that. Anyway, 2017 four-star offensive tackle Chuck Filiaga spoke to Rivals as well ($), and he said things are still open for him right now. But the relationship to Coach Tuioti is strong.

"I'm very interested in Michigan but I'm very interested in all of the schools and I'm getting to know the coaches on every staff."

With his senior year underway, Filiaga is starting to map out his official visits. He hasn't set up any yet but it seems like Michigan has a real chance of getting one of the five.

"I am talking with my mom about it but definitely will let everyone know," Filiaga said. "I just want somewhere I can be comfortable. I want to get along well with all the coaches and teammates and I want a place that can be a second family. I also want a place that can prepare me for the next level as well. I'm praying to the man above that I get there."

Drew Singleton Talks Priorities

It’s been a little while since we’ve talked about Drew Singleton, the Paramus Catholic linebacker who’s considering Michigan and Clemson, among others. Singleton spoke to Scout this week ($), and the things he’s emphasizing line up perfectly with some of Michigan’s greatest strengths.

"What is important to me in picking a school is picking one that is going to make me a better man as well as a better football player," he said. "The school that has an alumni base and a networking base that is very strong so I can be taken care of after I graduate from college and after I'm done with the (NFL)."

Singleton said being close to his family is not a big factor, but being part of a family was a must.

"I definitely want a family feel," he said. "It's not so much being close to home because I'm going to be a grown man and living by myself one day, so I might as well be used to it. Distance isn't a problem. It's just the family feel of being away from home."

Crystal Balls can be hazardous to follow, but it is worth noting that Drew has 92% predictions for Michigan and only 8% for Clemson.