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Wednesday Morning Brews: Power Rankings

Northwestern v Nebraska Photo by Eric Francis/Getty Images

The Big Ten's Superman

It’s been a long journey for Dak Prescott. Raised in Haughton, Louisiana, about forty miles east of Texas, Prescott signed with Mississippi State as a three-star recruit. Over the first five weeks of his redshirt freshman season, he made the field primarily as a between-the-tackles runner - part quarterback, part fullback.

Then, against Tennessee, the coaches slipped a wide receiver out into the flat and gave Dak the opportunity for his first ever passing touchdown. He got it. Dak was on the field as an athlete, but also had some tricks up his sleeve. Cam Newton he was not, but Prescott started showing flashes in 2013 and then came on strong his final two seasons. Now an NFL rookie who’s looking like a future star, Dak is showing he’s got a sleeve full of tricks - and potentially a long pro career ahead of him with the Dallas Cowboys.

Because of the differences between college and the NFL, this will be a common story for years to come. Lots of college teams are willing to invest in athletes at quarterback and hope they mature into pocket passers. A large majority don’t, but as long as enough teams put in the effort, there will always be guys like Cam Newton (‘Superman,’ dont-cha-know) and Dak Prescott who manage to lock down the whole package, and then find success at the next level. It takes a long journey to be Superman.

It’s also been a long journey for Tommy Armstrong. Raised in Schertz, Texas, Tommy came to Nebraska as a four-star prospect and redshirted, then spent his second season in a three-way melee with Taylor Martinez and Ron Kellogg III. By his third season, he produced 2,695 passing yards, 22 touchdowns and 12 interceptions. Too many sacks. Too many fumbles. But a lot of potential.

Last year, Tommy passed the 3,000-yard plateau, but his running took a step back in a more pro-style system. The athleticism is still there, as much it ever was, but Tommy got pushed out of his natural skillset, out of his comfort zone. A more NFL-ready approach. He still had too many turnovers, it should be noted - he led the conference with 16 interceptions - but this might be the season it finally clicks.

A long journey. Food for thought.

NCAA Football: Iowa at Nebraska Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

How Would You Rank The Big Ten?

Let's jump right into this. If you want to take this survey in a new window, here’s the link. And, here are the responses. I'll have my record predictions up tomorrow.

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