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Thursday Morning Brews: Peak Off-Season

Are we there yet? ...Are we there yet?

Michigan Football Spring Game Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Stewart Mandel’s Preseason Top 25 | 10 Storylines

Ohio State comes in at #7; Michigan is #8. A very solid, objective list, with four Big Ten teams represented. The CBS link, meanwhile, mentions the officiating and a terrific upcoming Heisman race (and, of course, Harbaugh).

Jake Butt Named 54th-Best Player In CFB

I always enjoyed ESPN’s countdown of the top 100 players, which they’re still in the process of releasing. JB has been the only Wolverine from #41-100, but Lewis, Peppers and hopefully a couple linemen get represented in the top forty. I don’t have my hopes up for Chesson, if he hasn’t made it on yet.

Lamont Wade Says Michigan’s Coaches Didn’t Believe In Him

I have no reaction to any of this, but there are some juicy quotes in there.

Timeline of Jehu Chesson’s Injury

Hats off to Big Boutros; five words that were weirdly awesome to type.

Mark Dantonio’s Awkward Interview

It’s the most painful part of the off-season, so this is kind of news. Peak disrespekt by some bad radio personalities.

Biggest Questions For Illinois

I’m not expecting a lot from them Year 1; however, if the Illini show stability and improve during the season - and maybe even beat Northwestern at year’s end - they can start to take advantage of the recruiting relationships they’re building right now.

Preseason Quarterback Rankings: Barrett, Beathard Lead

A lot of first-year starters, a lot of unproven potential.

The recruit being discussed here is Najee Harris, by the way. Also, here’s a national publication’s breakdown of Michigan’s new uniforms.