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Michigan hires J.T. Rogan as new director of internal communications and operations

Michigan has hired a new personal assists to coach Jim Harbaugh.

Michigan v Maryland Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh will J.T. Rogan as his new personal assistant, which is the director of internal communications and operations. The first person to hold the position under Harbaugh, Zach Eisendrath, will leave the Wolverines for another opportunity.

While Harbaugh was coaching at San Diego, Rogan was an All-American running back. Rogan was also a member of the offensive staff at Stanford under Harbaugh. For the previous 4-5 years, he has been a reporter and football commentator in San Diego.

Rogan set records at San Diego from 2004-2009 as the leading rusher in school history. He was an FCS third-team All-American in 2007.