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Jay Harbaugh names Ian Bunting the No. 2 TE behind Jake Butt

Jay Harbaugh also praised freshman tight end Devin Asiasi during Michigan football’s media day.

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With Jake Butt slated as arguably the top tight end in the nation, there has been questions surrounding the second-string tight end.

Maize n Brew caught up with tight ends coach Jay Harbaugh at Michigan football’s media day and he said that Ian Bunting is the No. 2 tight end, but he expects to play five or six guys every week.

“Ian [Bunting] is that kind of guy,” Harbaugh said regarding the No. 2 tight end on the roster. “But, it is such a group effort and there are different guys for different jobs. Ian is the guy who has put in the most work and is a great play maker for us. I would say he’s in that slot, but that’s not really how we operate. I expect to play five or six guys every week. I think that is what the guys like as well.”

As far as freshman tight end Devin Asiasi, Harbaugh likes what he has seen from film and is excited to get to work during the first practice on Monday.

“His physicality is great,” Harbaugh mentioned of Asiasi. “In high school he showed evidence of being a violent guy that just physically bludgeons people and had a surprising play making ability, good hands and great feet as a route runner, so that part of it is exciting. It is still to be determined with him and Nick Eubanks.”

The Wolverines have tight ends in Butt, Bunting, Asiasi, Eubanks, Tyrone Wheatley, Kenneth Ferris, Joseph Files, Dave Drobocky, Zach Gentry, Dean McKeon and Conner Edmonds on the 2016 roster.