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Hawaii is Flying 9,530 Miles to Play Michigan

Rainbow Warriors began the season in Australia, will log 19,060 air miles before playing a home game.

Hawaii v Colorado

The Hawaii Rainbow Warriors are probably the most well-traveled team in college football, and this weekend’s game against the Michigan Wolverines takes it to the extreme.

Hawaii opened up the 2016 season in Sydney, Australia with a 51-31 loss to Cal, then completed a 10,140-mile roundtrip with a flight back to Honolulu.

Hawaii is embarking on a 4,460-mile trip to Detroit, according to

The team is flying a total of 9,530 miles between the first game of its season in Sydney and the second in Ann Arbor, and will log a roundtrip total of 19,060 miles before playing its first home game Sept. 10 against UT-Martin.

Jet lag? Sydney is 14 hours ahead of Ann Arbor, meaning when it’s 7 a.m. on the Michigan campus, it’s 9 p.m. in Sydney.

If any team can handle it, it’s Hawaii, but the Warriors definitely have a lot to adjust to in the few short days before kickoff.