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Michigan vs. Central Florida: Jim Harbaugh Press Conference Recap

We have Jim Harbaugh’s press conference quotes for you

NCAA Football: Central Florida at Michigan Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The Michigan Wolverines move to 2-0 after a convincing 51-14 win over Central Florida. Maize N Brew was on hand for Jim Harbaugh’s press conference.

Here are some highlights from the session

On Rashan Gary

“Tough guy. He got a finger dislocated about the first week of practice and they took him in, put him under the x-ray, trainer was like “what was that?” or something to that effect and Rashan said “That’s football.” Taped it up and came back out. One time he was cramping and I took him out of practice and then about six plays later saw he was back in there. He’s really good like that. Real football player. Doing a great job.”

De’Veon Smith

“De’Veon had some unbelievable runs. Especially the one drive, I think we ended up getting a field goal out of it... breaking tackles, running for the first down. Two first downs he picked up by extra effort and running with the ball and getting hit.. three, four, five, hits on the same play.”

Wilton Speight’s performance

“Quarterback throws for four touchdowns, over three hundred yards, that’s a great performance. Would not be going out on a limb to say he will be the offensive player of the week, of the game.”

Running back play

“Our backs were getting hit, big hits, really good form tackles by UCF. They held onto the ball. It was a hard hitting game all the way through.”

Quarterback scrambles by UCF

“We made the adjustment in the second half. We were getting behind the quarterback. We gotta either retrace or spin back into the lane to keep the quarterback from leaving the pocket and getting those rushing yards that they got today.”

Wilton Speight’s footwork

“Moving in the pocket, getting to the quiet spot in the pocket and also evading rush. He had a couple where he had to bail out of the pocket and made some really good throws on the run, good decisions out of the pocket today. That’s the one that’s really come the last couple weeks he’s been working on, making those subtle moves to get to the quiet spot in the pocket. Two weeks ago he started to get some nice loft on the screens and the flairs out of the backfield. It’s coming together. He’s doing a nice job.”

Offensive and Defensive line play

“I thought our lines played extremely well today, the offensive and the defensive line. We were getting knocked back with the defensive line, they did get some runs out on us, maybe four runs accounted for most of the yardage today. They ran a lot of plays, they were getting them off in fifteen to seventeen seconds per down. Which is great for our team and our offense when you’re getting those stops, those three and outs, getting the ball right back. That’s what our defense was doing. They were getting the knock back, they were stuffing the run early for most downs. And I thought our defensive line had a huge hand in that.”