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Tom Brady on Serving as Honorary Captain: ‘Whatever is Good for Michigan’

Harbaugh says Brady wanted whatever is best for the program.

Michigan Signing of the Stars Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

Jim Harbaugh made (another) big splash when he secured Tom Brady as an honorary Michigan Wolverines captain for the team’s week three matchup with Colorado.

In a new interview with WXYZ’s Brad Galli, Harbaugh says it didn’t take a lot of convincing to get Brady on board.

"It really came down to this, he goes, 'Whatever is good for Michigan,' Tom said whatever I (Jim Harbaugh) thinks is good for Michigan, then Tom wanted to do," he said. "That says it all doesn't it?"

With both men working extremely busy schedules, they mostly exchanged emails, although Harbaugh also mentions a short phone conversation or two. Brady is entering the second week of his four-game suspension from the NFL.