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Since Michigan Doesn’t Issue a Depth Chart, Colorado Made a Fake One

The Buffs will start James Bond at defensive tackle, Bernie Sanders at free safety.

The Michigan Wolverines have yet to issue a depth chart this season, so the Colorado Buffaloes decided to engage in a bit of first-class trolling this week.

They’ve given out a depth chart with some um, interesting choices.

Starters for the game will include Butch Cassidy at right tackle (no word on the Sundance Kid’s status), Stewie Griffin at weak safety, Happy Gilmore to punt (keep an eye on his form), Austin Powers at defensive end (he apparently learned American football at some point), Bernie Sanders at free safety (I guess he has more free time now) and Eric Cartman at left tackle.

The second string includes “The Dude Lebowski” at a position called Roamer Dude, Willie Wonka as holder, Vladimir Lenin as a free safety, Danny DeVito at quarterback and Fat Albert at left tackle.

And you though Tom Brady as honorary captain was different.