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Michigan vs. Colorado: Jim Harbaugh Press Conference Highlights

Jim Harbaugh talks throwing with Tom Brady, Jabrill Peppers performance, and more

NCAA Football: Michigan Spring Game

#4 Michigan improved to 3-0 after defeating Colorado 45-28. After the game, Jim Harbaugh spoke about Jabrill Peppers, the teams performance, and Tom Brady. Maize N Brew was on hand for Harbaugh’s post-game reactions.

Here are some highlights from Harbaugh’s press conference:

Mental Toughness Of Team/Wilton Speight

“There are teams, players that are front-runners, and those are the only times they can play well... when they’re out in front, and it’s clean, and it’s easy. There’s other guys that kinda like getting down in the mud and fighting in a football fight type of way. And they enjoy that kind of test, enjoy that kind competitive environment.

So yeah, it wasn’t as clean as the quarterback would have liked for it to have been today, but the best thing he did today was hit those crossing routes inside where they could take the ball and run. I think Jake had another seven catches or so. The way he moved out of the pocket a few times, hit Grant, bought time, scrambled a little bit and then hit Grant Perry on the run, big gain there, it was outstanding. Fourth quarter, kept the chains moving with a nice scramble, dump off to Jake Butt.”

De’Veon Smith

“Such an effective runner inside the tackles, and he was again today. Good productive when he runs, then he got out on the perimeter and hit the home run today so that was really good to see.”

Jabrill Peppers

“Jabrill Peppers proved that he’s the best player today, in today’s game, we don’t win that game without Jabrill Peppers.”

“The field position Jabrill Peppers got us on special teams, again that’s a team effort but wow, he was making the difference. A return for a touchdown, and then the field position that he was giving us.”

“The way he played on defense was really outstanding. He really showed his toughness, his athleticism. Some hits that are momentum changing hits in this football game. He must have accounted for 200 yards of total offense doing the quick math here, but he was outstanding.”

Khalid Hill

“He’s done great. He made a couple great catches today too. Seven, eight yard twisting, contorting the body to pick up a first down. He’s doing a great job. He’s got that athletic tight end catching ability, to go along with just the right size to be a full back, with just the right courage and toughness to go in and block.”

Tom Brady

“Two great thrils. I look back at my career of playing catch with different people.. that was right there with my Dad, playing catch with my Dad. His pregame talk was outstanding. It was very good, bery from the heart. Went through each position. Told them what they were expected to play like. The guys who have worn and played that position before at the highest level. It was great. And Tom’s got a great arm by the way. He can rip it. He can throw it well. I wish I wouldn’t have given him the wind. Big thrill.”

Special Teams

“Blocked punts. Our special teams unit was our finest unit out there today Accounting for 14 points, and the blocked punt, field position, and the punt return field position.”

Big Plays

“It was a game of big plays really. You look at they were getting their points, it was big plays. Long passes on the post. And so were ours. A fifty yard receiver screen to Amara Darboh. Grant Perry has a tremendous block to get the long run by De’Veon Smith. Watch how the blockers in front of De’Veon were running and I thought that was a huge improvement for us today, our perimeter blocking.”

Defensive Performance

“Sacks, pressure on the quarterback, and really good on third down, I thought we got hit by some big plays again but on third down, I think they converted one third down in the game. That was huge for getting the ball back to our offense and ultimately lead to some of those punt returns and lead to the field position gained by the punt returns.”


“Much respect to their football team. The talent on their team. And the way they were prepared. They had some good plays, they had some well executed plays. Defensively, I thought Jim Leavitt did a heck of a good job. Good called game. Defense was prepared, flying around. It was a good ball game. Great competition.”