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Jake Butt post-game recap: “We just kept punching back”

We take a look at what Jake Butt had to say after beating Colorado

University of Michigan v University of Central Florida Photo by Dave Reginek/Getty Images

Michigan came from behind Saturday against Colorado, winning 45-28. Tight end Jake Butt had some key plays in the game to keep drives alive and help Michigan drive down the field. Butt posted his second 7 catch day in a row, while also accounting for 87 yards. Maize N Brew was on hand for Butt’s post game presser.

Here are highlights from the session:

Demeanor of Team

“We weren’t worried. We actually talked about it last night as a team. We knew the first two games we were never really punched in the face. Everything has gone so smoothly. And it’s not going to be a fairy tale all season, there’s going to come a point in time where we were going to get punched in the face, where we were get backed into a corner. And playing with these guys I’m so proud of the way we bounced back when we were backed into that corner, we fought back, we stuck together, dug down that way, and were good enough to get it done together.”

After being down early

“I was trying to go up to guys and go look, all it takes is one play, we just need a spark. We got that punt block and then they responded again, but then we fought back again. We just kept punching back. Kept telling these older guys, this group of seniors and play-makers that we just need to start making plays, and towards the end of the half that’s exactly what we did. I think a huge play was Darboh going in and punching that screen pass play in and giving us momentum in the second half. The defense tightened up and played a hell of a game down the stretch too.”

Colorado Defense

“They made it really hard to run the ball, they were run blitzing us, loading the box up. And the coaches adjusted, started calling little dump-off plays to help Wilton get into rhythm. Guys were making plays for him to get comfortable.”

Tom Brady

“It was special. I went and shook his hand before in the locker room. You could kind of just feel his presence, and you can kind of just look in his eyes and you can tell why he’s one of the greatest of all time. It’s special to be a captain here already but the line-up we’ve had with honorary captains going on just shows why Michigan’s such a great place.”

Did Michigan need a hard fought game?

“I really do think we did because it’s only going to get tougher from here.”