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Michigan DT Ryan Glasgow: “We just told each other to keep fighting and keep playing”

Ryan Glasgow helped anchor the defense with three tackles, 0.5 sacks and 0.5 tackles for a loss.

NCAA Football: Colorado at Michigan Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

While No. 4 Michigan struggled early, the Wolverines picked up the slack to defeat Colorado on Saturday, 45-28. Michigan defensive lineman Ryan Glasgow spoke about stepping up and making the comeback.

“It’s not a position we have been in too often this year, obviously, got into it a little bit last year, but we just told each other keep fighting and keep playing,” Glasgow said. “They made all their big plays early and we knew that they couldn't keep it going. We knew that if we kept playing hard and fast that we’d comeback.”

Glasgow helped anchor the defense with three tackles, 0.5 sacks and 0.5 tackles for a loss. The Buffaloes picked up huge gains on a 37-yard completion to Devin Ross in the first quarter and a 70-yard pass play to Shay Fields early in the third quarter, but the team struggled to find success later in the contest. Colorado ran the ball for just 64 yards in the loss at The Big House.

“We always practice the run [defense] really hard,” Glasgow said of preventing Colorado’s run game. “It’s all individual, it’s all double teams everyday. That is the emphasis every week. We wanted to eliminate big plays, that’s for sure. We didn’t do a great job with it, you know, they had like a 70-yard pass and a couple big plays in the pass game. We wanted to eliminate the run game up front for the defensive line and maybe we didn’t get to the quarterback as much as we could have, but we did a good job at the end.”

Michigan could find themselves in an early hole when facing teams like Wisconsin, Michigan State, Iowa and Ohio State, but Glasgow knows the defensive will always give the Maize and Blue a chance to win.

“I don’t think we are ever out of a fight,” he said after being asked if the Michigan defense will always give the team a chance to win. “Colorado was up 21-7 on us with like six minutes left in the first quarter. We knew that if we kept on playing and kept on pounding, they would eventually give in.”

The Michigan defense hit hard in the second half and knocked Colorado starting quarterback Sefo Liufau out of the game. He never returned and his counter partner, Steven Montez, went 0-for-7 through the air. Glasgow believes that the loss of Liufau gave the Wolverines their chance to take advantage.

“I think so,” he mentioned. “You never want a backup quarterback in there trying to win a close game, unless it’s Wilton Speight last year against Minnesota.”

Colorado is now 2-1 after the loss to Michigan. The Buffaloes will battle on the road against Oregon in Week 4.

“I think they’re going to do well in the Pac-12,” Glasgow said of Colorado.