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Jim Harbaugh is Passionate About Everything — Including Milk

Wolverines coach and family get their endorsement game on.

Jim Harbaugh does pretty much everything to the max, whether it’s coaching the Michigan Wolverines, setting up satellite camps all over creation or uh, peddling milk:

Harbaugh, wife Sarah and kids Katie, Addie and Jack are now spokespersons for fairlife milk, which claims to have more protein and less sugar than regular milk along with being lactose free.

The coach has always been a milk advocate, saying he delivered it to other students in elementary school and that drinking milk helped him become a professional quarterback.

In the commercial, Harbaugh’s small children are inspired enough to form regulation goal posts in the back yard, while he yells football-sounding quotes at his own TV, which is playing a clip of the family drinking fairlife milk.

Is there anything Harbaugh can’t do? Other than cooking fish sticks, no.