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Michigan CB Jourdan Lewis is ready for Week 4 against Penn State

Jourdan Lewis has missed three weeks of Michigan football with injury.

Jourdan Lewis has not stepped on the football field for the first three weeks of the season, but he looks ready for Michigan’s battle against Penn State this Saturday.

"It's the same old JD, he's never going to lose his swagger, he's still the same guy," senior corner Channing Stribling said Tuesday. "He was talking trash during the game the other day when he wasn't even playing.

"That's just him."

Stribling went on to say that Lewis “looked good” at practice on Tuesday. Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh is hoping to get the All-American cornerback back in action.

"Personally, I've found that the only time football isn't fun is when you don't win or if you're just not 100 percent," Harbaugh said. "If it's a broken leg, that's one thing. Or a broken arm and you know it's just bad luck and you're out. But when it's that thing that's just nagging, it's not something where it's broke but it's real.

"But he's done a fantastic job. The guy has been a stud. Jourdan's been a real stud in everything that he's done. Every preparation that he's made in the offseason, everything that he's doing now. He's put himself in a position to have success. It's all been A++ and I'm very hopeful this is the week he can get back on the field and play."

Michigan has currently been playing cornerbacks Stribling and Jeremy Clark in the absence of Lewis. With Lewis back in action, the Wolverines will be getting one of the top defenders in the nation.

"He's good now, he's ready to roll," Stribling said. "When (he's in) we know somebody's going to get locked down. One side (of the field) is going to get locked down. The D-line is going to rush and we'll have a good game. ... We know he's a great cover guy, great defender, great tackler.

"We know that one side of the field is locked down (when he's in) and, for him, I'm sure he'll think both me and Jerm, our side will be locked down, too. So both sides can have that type of comfort level."