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MnB Roundtable is Whining and Sniveling

Penn State = Not Good

NCAA Football: Colorado at Michigan Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Penn State is bad. Instead of analyzing a bad team, analyze what Michigan has to do to completely pulverize them.

Tanner: Run in between the tackles. Not only would it ease any worries about Michigan's interior OL play, it would allow Michigan to attack downfield with good play fakes. Bring the safeties in and have Speight let it rip to Darboh, Chesson, and Butt.

Shash: Dominate on the lines. The skill positions are where PSU has a little bit more of an even matchup (it still isn't that close, but Saquon Barkley is the best RB on the field and their WRs are probably pretty okay - that's where PSU will have to make up ground, a tall task against UM's B1G-leading secondary). But it won't matter if PSU's QB has zero time to throw and M can stack the box against Barkley. Barkley is super good. Peppers is super good-er than Barkley. Let him do his work and things'll be aight. Turn the skill positions into a nonfactor.

Anthony: Michigan can't get out to a slow start like last week. Punch them in the mouth and end it so the freshman can play. There is no reason the Wolverines should struggle with Penn State.

KB: Blitz with only the hottest Peppers.

Don Brown said it helped that Colorado was a faster team offensively so his guys could work on getting to the ball in space. Are you happy with where this defense is at?

TW: It's hard to be happy after last week, but they will get better. You can bet he has some stuff waiting for October 29th, and I think this defense will be very good this week and next. Youthful offensive lines with no real depth will be something Michigan can exploit, especially with Taco coming back, and possibly Mone. Add in Jourdan Lewis, and this defense gets a heck of a lot better.

Shash: Guard the slants please for the love of everything and then yes, I am.

AB: I think you have to be sitting at 3-0. The way that game started last week, it was looking like a Greg Robinson redux. They were able to tighten things up. Really, I've been impressed across the board outside of safety play. Dymonte Thomas has been bad and Delano Hill has been inconsistent at times, but getting Jourdan Lewis back should help the back end of that defense immensely. Defensive line has been good to great. Think there are times when they failed to get ideal pressure, but there are zero concerns with that group as long as they are healthy.

What's one thing that surprised you with Michigan's play during the game against Colorado?

TW: It has to be that first quarter right? I mean, it was shell shocking. But good on Michigan for fighting back and dominating the last 3 quarters. Also how easily Delano Hill got turned around as a senior on that 80 yard touchdown in the 3rd quarter.

Shash: The O-line really regressed but maybe it was because Colorado is pretty good. I can talk myself into excuses on any of this, really - but maybe Sefo Liufau is pretty good and M's defense played better after he left. All I'm saying is I'm on the Sefo train from here on out.

AB: I was very surprised to see them look so out of sorts to start the game on both sides of the ball. They just looked confused and not ready to play, but getting punched in the mouth tends to wake someone up, so I do think we learned a lot about how this group responds to adversity. When the chips were down, their stars and senior leaders did the job and led the team to a win. Michigan has missed that in recent years. What was not surprising was how well the special teams played in all phases. It just goes to show why that cannot be overlooked and why Harbaugh tends to have his best guys out there for that aspect of the game, as well. Special teams kept them in that game early on and helped them win it in the end.

KB: Colorado figured out how to beat Michigan in space, which is a little unnerving. Thankfully, the tough opponents coming up in the schedule probably won’t get the tape from this game, so they have a few weeks to get better at pursuing the ball. We saw it in the second half, now this defense just needs as total shutdown of a good opponent for four quarters.

Are we as a fan base truly a whiny and sniveling bunch?

TW: Nah, just arrogant and proud of it.


AB: Arrogant and OK with it.

KB: I’m just concentrating on my milk intake, Paul.

Follow-up: Why do so many other coaches and commentators dislike Jim Harbaugh?

TW: Because he takes attention away from them. Imagine ripping off take after take on SEC Network, only to be out-shined by a Northerner.

Shash: Because he's trying hard to be James Franklin and just failing, and it's kind of embarrassing, really.

AB: Most are jealous and they others find him annoying because he's trying to get in on their action. It's not hard to find why people don't like him, but his crazy matches the fans' crazy, so it is and always will be a perfect fit.

KB: He’s crazy enough to anger the SEC with his recruiting and coaching style, popular enough to anger most of the Big Ten, and is just the right amount of tough on the field to scare away everyone in between. AND HE’S OURS.

Any other games you want to draw attention to for us to watch on Saturday?

TW: Obviously Michigan State and Wisconsin. Also Florida and Tennessee, just to see the spinzone from the SEC commentators who had Tennessee has a possible playoff team. PAWLLLLLLLLL!

Shash: I'll have my eye on Florida-Tennessee because I'm not sure there will be an offensive touchdown. Arkansas-A&M oughta be good, I think, because BERT? and while I'm super on the Louisville hype train Marshall's got a bit of a streak going on them. Look for them to avenge themselves by scoring a hundred.

AB: CMU at Virginia. The Chippewas are going for a 4-0 start with P.J Fleck's team coming to Mt. Pleasant next week. Let's do this.

KB: It pains me to admit it, but the SEC has the three best games of the weekend. Specifically, Auburn has a good chance to come out of nowhere and beat a still-overrated LSU team if they can find a quarterback. Anyone who has watched Netflix’s Last Chance U is hoping for Coach Malzahn to try John Franklin III. On top of that, BERT visits Texas A&M, and I get way too much enjoyment out of watching Arkansas’s games because they’re always #CHAOSTEAM. It makes me mildly upset that Michigan bailed on the agreement to play the Razorbacks.

Bonus Q: What're ya drinking?

TW: It's fall, so it may be time for seasonal drinks.

Shash: This week I'll be up in Baltimore hanging out for the game, so it's nothing but the finest National Bohemian. Yes, I know it's not from Baltimore anymore. But find me a better macro than Natty Boh. I'll wait.

AB: Cherry Coke courtesy of the Michigan Stadium press box.

KB: Are Ann Arbor’s bars going start stocking whole milk to add to their beer taps? Can we lobby for that?

*note-ed: Gave Shash his rightful credit for the correct take on beer. Natty Boh for life.