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Jourdan Lewis speaks on state of society, coming together

Maize N Brew catches up with Jourdan Lewis and asks about National Anthem protest.

Photo Gallery: Michigan 49, Penn State 10

The Michigan football game started with a peaceful protest during the National Anthem, with some players raising their fists to raise awareness of racial injustice in this country. Multiple players did so, with cornerback Jourdan Lewis being one of them.

I had a chance to ask Lewis, respectfully, how he thinks we can solve the problem. His message was something we can all agree with.

“We gotta come together, honestly. We have to encounter each other more, on both sides, any race, we have to be involved with each other more. We can’t just think okay well this is injustice... okay, how do we fix it? From the outside, we have to come together as a human race, really.”

Lewis went on to say this was something the players have talked about previously and felt with their platform they should do and say something.

Whether you disagree or agree with the action, Lewis message is one of love and empathy for fellow human beings. And being around him a handful of times, he’s sincere with his words, and his actions come from a good place. The young man has seen a lot in his life, has overcome a lot. From where he’s been to where he now is, those environments has made him who he is. While others pressed Jourdan for the in’s and outs of the protest for a headline, I’m glad I asked what I did to get a genuine answer and conversation going about how to make things better. Conversations like that are what will lead to improvement, better understanding between different races. That’s what Jourdan wants to see more of, dialogue. And dialogue is what he had.

Jim Harbaugh said at his press conference he supports his players.