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Michigan vs. Penn State: Jim Harbaugh Press Conference Highlights

We take a look at what Jim Harbaugh had to say after the win

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Another week, another win for No. 4 Michigan, this time in convincing fashion over Penn State 49-10. Maize N Brew was on hand for Jim Harbaugh’s post-game press-conference.

Here are some highlights from the session:

Run Game

“I was very impressed with the running backs, all of them contributed in big ways. Starting with De’Veon, again having a great game, broke loose, got the tough yardage. And Ty was good again. He ran loose, looked good. Chris Evans, he had large gains. And Karan, on the same play, got a touchdown, had some very good runs. Khalid was good. I thought our line was blocking well. It was a job well done in the running game.

Offensive Efficiency

“We’re not turning the ball over when we’re throwing it, we’re not turning the ball over when we’re running it. You feel good, you feel good that it starts there. When you can be effective and get first downs and move the ball and score touchdowns, that’s what you’re striving to do as an offense.”

Calling the same run play consecutively on a drive

“I thought our team was prepared and confident. There was some communication out there, especially from the offensive linemen, of what they think they should do, what they could do well, particularly in this ball-game and we listened to them and repeated the call a few times. It was really simply that.”

Defensive Line Dominance

“They were playing good. It was a good effort. Our guys were running, I thought they were being aggressive. That’ a heck of a good back, Saquon Barkley is a good football player. And he got a couple, and he showed that a few times, but for the most part our guys were there and swarming. They were coming two, three, four at a time. I thought it was impressive.”

Overall team performance

“Today was a heck of a good win. There was improvement. I really felt good for a lot of different players. A lot of players I thought played really well. Our line on both sides, the offensive and defensive line, the quarterback, the running backs, the secondary. A lot of good football being played. Good to see Jourdan Lewis back, good to see Taco back, good to see all of our guys. This must be an A plus plus day.”

Wilton Speight

“I think he’s been doing a fine job. That’s one part of his game that’s really proving and ascending. He’s moving, he’s buying time, he’s finding receivers, he’s making good decisions, not turning the ball over.”

Jourdan Lewis

“A lot of talent back. Heck of a good football player, but he’s also a leader. The guys respect him and know how hard he’s worked the last three-four weeks to get in this position, so plus plus to have him back in there.

Karan Higdon

“I think that was a Tyron Wheatley feel. He got Karan in there early, and saw some real explosive runs, and I think that’s just something coach Wheatley had seen and got him in there. He reeled off some impressive runs early. Real physical, hitting the hole fast, explosive type of runs. And same on the touchdown, that was a exciting run. Very explosive run, I thought he just shot out like he was coming out of the starting blocks, heck of a good run.”